Live 3D rendering via webcam

I don’t even know what to call this. A local photographer posted about this spiffy little thing from GE.

You go to GE’s site, print out a PDF with a shape on it, and then hold it up to your webcam. GE’s site will recognize the shape, and then render a 3D, movable scene into your webcam’s image. Move the paper around and the scene will move with it, all with your head floating around behind it.

Link to GE

It’s like a barcode on acid. There could be all kinds of fun had with this.

That’s witchcraft, I tell ya!

That’s pretty cool, actually. I tried it and it works pretty much just like the video on the GE site.

Wow, it even works on my craptastically craptactular built-in laptop webcam! Fun stuff. I especially like the sun.