Live 8 Concert

The London crowd appears completely lifeless. Hardly surprising when you consider the front row of the crowd is about half a mile away from the stage. I missed Ashcroft sing Bittersweet Symphony because of work, but the first few sets that I saw were way too quiet on the BBC. I could hardly here Travis et al. sing. The volume seemed to have been turned up for Snoop Dog, who, although I dislike rap, did a decent set.

BTW, the BBC only showed The Killers doing one song ("All these things that I have done), so I think that was their set.

Perhaps, but I know (from the video) that the part where VH1/MTV cut them off was still part of the song, and not the ending.

MTV is officially, irretrievably, on my shit list.

Extended Linkin Park set?
Equal time to Keane and Sting? Hey, jackasses, it’s Sting.
Idiotic prattle from VJs? How about a scrolling bar with all of the “info” you must share with us, and letting us see as much of the show as possible?

During the original Live Aid, the 4 original MTV Vjs did talk, but it was almost always during breaks onstage. However, the way they are airing the concert is disgusting. They have other networks. If MTV wants to show interviews with fans and endless chitchat, then at least allow VH1 or MTV2 or VH1 classic to show the concert. There is no reason why MTV2 or VH1 classic should be showing their regular programming on a day like this.

This reminds me way too much of the bad old days of the Olympics when most of the coverage was “Up close and personal.” or mindless features about the host country and no coverage of the events themselves.

I just want to see Pink Floyd. I don’t think I’ve missed them. I can’t get the AOL streaming video to work. Arghhhh

This VH1 / MTV “coverage” is terrible!

Nothing but these people I never heard of telling me how wonderful and amazing the performances are and interviews with audience members saying how fantastic and incredible it is.

Shut the fuck up you prattling nobodies!!

Show us some music!

Is there another online feed available, the AOL site is not working. :frowning:

And finally, Pink Floyd!

And boy, is the AOL feed having problems! I think they broke the internet.

or maybe it’s just me…

  1. It’s finally working for me

  2. MTV/VH1 had the sense not to cut it.

My God… Pink Floyd is perfection! Excellent song choices - classics.

I like the Floyd reunion. Hopefully, the entire set will be part of the DVD.

Well, not really a good sense, since they cut it again towards the end. Bastrads! :wink:

In my humble opinion, all thats going to happen is that there’s going to be a certain awareness by the political leaders in Africa. I hope the political system down there will make a diference.

Still, the MTV babble produced one moment that had me near tears.

VJ1: "I saw some European fans who all had shirts on that said ‘Pink Floyd is back.’
VJ2: “Truer words were never written… on a t-shirt.”

Not until Paul McCartney. I finally had feed problems during, “The Long and Winding Road.”

Mr. Wonder…wow. The best I’ve seen so far.


They said we’ll be able to rewatch this, right? I can’t seem to skip forward through it. I want to see Audioslave in Berlin, and maybe more of Green Day… their set seemed energetic.

Yes, but concert watched you!

Just finished the London version here…BBC has switched to Philadelphia; can someone tell us who is currently on stage in Philadelphia, at about 7pm local time (US eastern) – thanks!