Sandy Relief Concert

It’s just starting now, Bruuuuuce is opening the festivities. I’m kind of jazzed to see Paul play with Nirvana!

Why is it Cooking Channel?

It’s on “Wealth TV” on this system. Sounds like they just scrounged up whatever stations they could get, figuring that people would just flip around till they found it.

I’m watching on Roku’s EPIX channel.

According to this story: The sold-out “12-12-12” concert is being shown on 37 television stations in the United States and more than 200 others worldwide.

Also: It’s a lineup heavily weighted toward classic rock, which has the type of fans able to afford a show where ticket prices ranged from $150 to $2,500. Even with those prices, people with tickets have been offering them for more on broker sites like StubHub, an attempt at profiteering that producers fumed was “despicable.”

Nice that they didn’t bleep “bullshit” from Money.

I’m rather enjoying this. Sweet nostalgia.

This is great. I’m 50. Saw Roger Waters do his Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking Tour.

This is aaamaaaazing.

And, yes I’m donating.

You’re watching? Donate.

Who’s the bloke singing?
And look at GE Smith there in the back…

OH GOOD eye- is that who that is??

Loved seeing The Big Man’s nephew stand up and kick ass on the Sax solos. I’d read he’d joined the band after Clarence Clemmons passed on. The kid has chops.

Eddie Vedder is doing a very tight clean David Gilmour cover. Beautiful guitar work. So clean…

DUnno who just sang Comfortably Numb.

Okay, the dude who sang with Waters before Vedder came on is a Phineas & Ferb singer named Robbie Wyckoff.

I did not make that up.

Adam Sandler was good. With Paul Schaffer :slight_smile:

Was Kristen Stewart drunk? I always thought she looks slack-jawed and vacant but I never realized her close together her eyes are. O.K., maybe not drunk but really, really hung over.

It is quietly chilling to see only two people when they show a picture of The Who.

You wanna know what the 1960’s and 70’s did to rock and roll performers? Holy crap.

It’s a Half A Who.

ETA: Biggirl, she appeared badly jet lagged. I think that is what Billy Crystal was referring to. I suspect she flew against the sun today and was driven to the show. Me, I fly in from the coast, I look like crap and feel like hell.

I am unfamiliar with this Bon Jovi fellow’s oeuvre, except through the writings of Chuck Klosterman. He seems nice.

Oooohhh…nice double-necked guitar!

Not a Bon Jovi fan but Iv’e always liked Who Says You Can’t Go Home, and even better with Bruce.

And yet, do respect how he has jumped in here from Day 1 on this.

Got a great Jon Bon Jovi story which I will write out whilst he sings his wretched songs. :smiley:

I’m a PA ( Production Assistant ) on the Bon Jovi song " Silent Night ". It’s 1985. We’re shooting at the much- missed Capital Theater in Passaic, NJ. We’re all set for the “performance”, and we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And fucking wait some more.

My Producer and pal Loucas grabs me and says, " Toonie", he says ( heh ), " You kno where the Green Room is?" I confirm that I do.

Loucas says, " You go in there and tell Jon and the rest of those assholes that we’ve been ready, are tired of waiting and to get their asses on stage RIGHT NOW ! "

SO. Being the eager to please PA that I was, I walked with tremendous authority backstage to the aforementioned Green Room. There’s some immense slab of meat outside the door, but I glared at him and said, " The Producer sent me to talk to Jon ". He let me in.

I go in. It’s 1985, and I’ve seen " This Is Spinal Tap " in the movies. Here is a room strewn with beer, booze, bits of catering, an assortment of pasty-faced scrawny young men with GIGANTIC hair and several doe-eyed young women who appear to be remarkably glued to some of the young men with GIGANTIC hair.

I say in a loud voice filled with the righteousness that can only come with the power of The Producer flowing through my veins, " Which one of you is Jon ?? "

A guy with a lion’s mane of hair says, " that’s me. " I say to the room, " Listen, Loucas is tired of waiting for you and he said you and the rest of the band better get your asses out on stage right now. "

Dude’s jaw drops. I turn and walk out. Filled with righteous indignation.

Slab of meat looks at me and says, " you know who that is? That’s Jon Bon Jovi. " I said, I could give a shit. We’re waiting on him.

And I walk away.

And in fairly short order the band and Mr. Lion’s Mane did come out and do their song seventy bazillion times to recorded playback.

True story. :smiley:

Nor am I as I said, but I cannot but respect what he’s done here. He knows he’s got major star power and went in there right after, asked permission first to bring in a camera crew and went to Sayreville, where he grew up, to see what was up.

That town is completely wrecked, as so many towns are. Still.

Props to him for working hard to raise funds. Star power well used.

I wish JBJ would have worn some leather or something though. It seems disrespectful to sing his songs while wearing a turtleneck.