I just heard this fron Robin Williams on the telethon..

“Courage is not freedom from fear…but being afraid and still going on…”
Very well said I must say.

This telethon is an impressive array of talent, especially considering that it came together in a few days.

Unfortunately, I don’t know who all the singers are. Who performed “Imagine”? I should probably know, but I couldn’t place him.

That was Neil Young wasn’t it? Looking a tad worse for the wear, if I may say.

Yeah, Neil Young performed Imagine. Jon Bon Jovi and Fred Durst performed ‘Wish You Were Here’.
Billy Joel is playing New York State of Mind right now… chilling.

Yep, that was Neil Young.

I’m watching the webcast, so the picture’s a little blurry. Who was that that just did “Wish You Were Here”?

Never mind. :smiley:

I think that was actually whatsisname from the Goo Goo Dolls, not Bon Jovi.

My daughter is agreeing with Geobabe. But she doesn’t know his name either.

Tom Petty was looking a little rough to, Kinsey.

u2 gets a second appearance with “one.” Translated first as a love song, a meditation on a united Germany, and an AIDS song, now it’s being applied to the WTC. Interesting.

John Rzeznik. God, I love the web.

Is that Peter Tosh?

John Rzeznik?

Was that Peter Tosh doing Redemption Song? Wow.

Wyclef Jean, I believe.

Thanks Geobabe. My first guess was right then…

Wow, Mariah Carey is wearing clothes!

Mariah Carey.

Hey…she forgot to hit the high note!

Stunning on both counts.

Hey, this is fun!

Next: Why is Jon Bon Jovi trying to do “Livin On a Prayer” as a slow song? It sounds really…odd.

I feel… blasphemous, poking fun at the performers, but… Living on a Prayer? I picture big hair and spandex, not unity and remembering heroes…