I just heard this fron Robin Williams on the telethon..

I agree. Only reason I can think of he chose that one was for the “Hold on to what we got” line.

Natural reaction. When I looked up and saw Petty, I said, “Hey, they got Jesus singing I won’t back down.”

Glad to see Neil Young singing that Clear Channel-banned song “Imagine.” Have at you!

I don’t feel bad making fun of the silly performers. A lot of this is choking me up, anyway, so I gotta create a little levity where I can.

nodnod Dude, Billy Joel made me cry. And Wyclef Jean rocked my world. Redemption Song makes me cry anyway, but…

It kind of makes me wonder. Will we ever be ok again?

Damn. That’s quite the celebrity phone bank they have there.

Sting’s selection was nice. I want the CD for this if they make one

Criminy, Julia Roberts just made me cry. Never thought I’d say that.

Yeah, but can you imagine calling and getting Jack Nicholson? I’d be all “Ok man, take all my money, just don’t hurt me!”

Who’s that singing now, with Neil Young backing him up?

Ditto on the CD. I want this one.

Eddie Vedder.

Yeah, I want the CD too. I think that all the performers have picked good selections. Petty’s ‘won’t back down’ brought a smile to my face, knowing how fitting that is right now.

I just wanna know where the hell Jerry Lewis is!!!

Wow! Eddie Vedder looks great!

That was Dream of Blue Turtles by Sting. Thanks, Odieman.

I almost didn’t recognize ol’ Eddie with his new short haircut. He does look good.

Y’know, I held together pretty well at first. Faith Hill gave me some goosebumps… Neil Young singing Imagine got my lip quivering… then Alicia Keys comes on. Totally weepy blubbering with snot-bubbles and the whole works.

I’m such a pansy.

I know. Julia barely making it did it for me too.

Damn. Paul Simon.

AAAAIIIEEEEEE! Paul Simon does not sound good. How disppointing.

That moment of silence thing they just did was awesome.

And now Paul Simon.

It’s kleenex time.

Yeah, he’s nothing without Art. :smiley:

Is it my imagination or is Paul Simon trying not to cry while performing “Bridge Over Troubled Water”? And I noticed that when Chris Rock was speaking, he didn’t blink once. He also seemed like he was ready to burst into tears. Man, I wish I’d seen Sting, and the performance of “Imagine”. Maybe they’ll rebroadcast it later.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Are they trying to kill me? I can’t hear that song on a good day without crying.