Live-action Jem and the Holograms movie!

Something to look forward to, or not. :p:D:confused::eek:

Based on the director’s previous works, I’m not setting my hopes terribly high.

I’m outraged.

Truly truly outraged.

This is really the only response one could have to this news.

I was excited until they said it was a “modern” take on Jem. Looking back on it, the show was such a period piece of the 80s, I’m not sure you could modernize it without losing a big part of the setup/premise. Unless they are going the Brady Bunch movie route, where the movie takes place in modern times, but the main characters still act/dress like the 80s, to the bewilderment of everyone else.

They should flip it where the Misfits are the grungy underdogs trying to succeed in music and have to contend with the Mean Girls-Barbie doll-popular clique Jem snubbing them at every opportunity.

I believe one of the Robot Chicken skits had Jem standing at a urinal to pee. That might generate some outrage.