Live Alone A Long Time? Are You, Uh, Eccentric?

My sweetie lived alone for quite some time before he and I got together, and although he’s not especially eccentric, he’s got some truly awful habits.
He eats soup for dinner in front of the computer. Check that. He eats soup for dinner, cold and straight out of the can, in front of the computer. Not to mention vienna sausages, spam, and pork and beans.
On the rare occasions when he actually heats his dinner, he lets his cat (yes, he owns a cat) eat off of his plate.
He washes his hair with soap. Soap. Dove soap.
And, several other things which have escaped my mind at the moment, but left me blinking in astonishment when he admitted to them.

It’s COAST soap… not Dove…

just sayin… :smiley:

I have a hammock in my bedroom, and I sleep in it every night (strangely, my back is happier that way). I’ve always wanted a hammock indoors, since I saw someone with one in their bedroom- I was in grade school at the time, and wasn’t living alone. Plus, the landlord and my economic situation at the time prevented me following through with my plan.

I don’t eat at regular times, just when I get hungry. If I go out to eat, that’s different. I usually eat at regular times then.

In the winter, I like to keep my beverages on the attic steps, but that’s just because it’s cold in the attic, and it’s closer to my computer/tv room.

The place is pretty cluttered, but that’s just genetics. (Blaming the 'rents.)

I’ve been living alone for about 12 years.

Left that out.

I’ 33, I’e never lived alone. Went from mom’s to Ed’s, back to mom’s then with Ryan. Im back at mom’s now for a couple months. I can’t wait to live alone. The only thing helping me through my divorce is the thought of having my own place. I can decorate! and walk around naked! oh wait ryan and I did that…excuse me while I get some more wine…

I’ve been living on my own for the last 3 years. When it comes down to it, I’d been living alone my whole life. Through marriage, engagement etc…I’d always done things the same it seems. I need a ton of space I’ve found, and it’s cost me dearly at times. Someday(fingers crossed), I’ll find a happy medium. To me, living in a mountain cabin would be a dream. I love people, but loathe ‘people’ in groups. I need to be able to get away, be alone for a bit and update the statistics in my head I guess. I’ll meet that woman someday! :slight_smile:

When I was a little girl, I used to plan my wedding. Most little girls do this, or so I’m told. What made me unusual in the eyes of my neighbourhood, was that I stoutly refused to marry anybody. There I was, in my “pretend” wedding dress and veil, and if I was asked who I was marrying, I always said, me!

Fast forward through awkward adolescence, through two broken engagements and one truly horrific live-in, to present day. I live alone, have done for the best part of the past five years. I now have a cat, a few eccentric habits, an all-consuming job, and more books than shelves. When asked recently why I hadn’t married (by a hottie who was eligible until asking that very dumb question) my response was that I walk to my own drummer, and most people can’t find the beat.

They’re not crazy because they live alone; they live alone because they’re crazy.