Live and let live.

I’ll probably get flamed like hell for this post (don’t know why yet, but I know people - there’s always something wrong with a post even if it’s perfect. I am not saying this post is perfect)

Why can’t people live and let live, keep their beliefs to themselves, relax, etc…

Why do we have to speculate? why do we condemn others because their beliefs are different? what gives us the motivation to attack other people because they have a different belief?

Or do you like arguing?

In this forum–Great Debates–the answer is, “Yes, we like arguing.” That’s why we’re here.


Because I am RIGHT and you are WRONG, and it is in your best interests to know what is right, even if I have to shove it down your throat with a pitchfork!

Seriously, I think it’s because heterogenity is seen in an atavistic fashion to be a threat, while homogenity is seen as safe.

Because beliefs don’t exist in a vacuum and they often involve a conflict of interests.

Because people’s beliefs strongly influence their actions, and people’s actions often end up having an effect on others.

How dare you come here and try to force your idealistic views down my throat!

Personally, I find it enormously stimulating to discuss views with people who don’t necessarily agree with me, whether the subject is mundane or cosmic - I have discovered a whole lot about people, the world and myself that I would otherwise have missed if I stayed in bed.

Nearly every time we open our mouths, we are asserting our opinions about something; “It’s a lovely day” (you don’t have to agree); “I like cheese” (but it’s OK for you to hate it); “I think football is boring” (but you seem to find it interesting). The problem comes if and when I say “today is a lovely day, you must agree, regardless of your circumstances”, “You had better eat this cheese and damn well enjoy it”, “you should stop watching football, it’s boring”.

So I think it’s OK (and good) to exchange views, but bad to impose them. (But don’t feel you have to agree with this :wink: )


Because the ideas men have shape the world and different ideas shape the world in fundamentally different ways.


When we challenge ideas we may end up with a better understanding of them or a whole new set of better ideas. If we didn’t argue about ideas then we’d still be living with the idea that the divine right of kings was a good thing.

Well this is called the Great Debates.


I agree. :smiley:

(No debating contained in this post here, people. Move along.)

Really?, in that case I don’t agree, although I defend your right to agree with me :wink:

I like arguing. You got a problem with that then eh? C’mon 'ave a go then ya mug…

[grammar nazi cap] By the way, your post isn’t perfect. You forgot some capital letters there didn’t you? [/grammar nazi cap]:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I believe that you shouldn’t have the right to agree. However, I understand that you should have the right to disagree with my right to think that you shouldn’t have the right to disagree.

I agree with what you say, but I will oppose to the death your right to say it.


So I think it’s OK (and good) to exchange views, but bad to impose them. (But don’t feel you have to agree with this )

I don’t think it’s wrong to impose one’s view.

The pedophiile might believe it’s perfectly OK to have sex with a toddler. Should I just tell him “I disagree but I won’t impose my values on you.”???

In that case, it’s the paedophile who is imposing his will on the toddler though, isn’t it?

It is both, Mangetout.