Live chickens as footballs? WTF?

Yeah, it usually takes quite a bit to get me worked up about animal abuse, especially abuse of animals intended to be slaughtered and eaten anyway… but this is too much, even for me. Congratulations, PETA: you actually did something useful for the first time in your benighted exsistence.

The video didn’t work for me. Just as well. It might give me a few ideas on how to deal the the bastard rooster that sits just outside the bedroom window and crows at 5:04 am every morning.

Maybe I’ll just UPS him to Pilgram’s Pride.

If an animal is raised for food, then its killing can obviously be justified. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Torture or sadistic behavior is wrong, and should never be tolerated. A clean, fast kill is always best.

Although I don’t have a problem killing animals to eat, cruelty should never be a part of it. In this case, I believe the executive management of Pilgrim’s Pride was flat on their collective asses to have had this activity go on undetected for 8 months. I wonder if some of the other people working there did speak up, but their complaints never got past mid-mgmt?

“The company said it dismissed one superintendent, a supervisor, one foreman, and eight hourly employees following an investigation it began on Tuesday after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals released the video.”

I agree with Y. Rex. PETA is a crock, and this is just more fuel to justify their radical agenda.

Please tell me you are joking, or just playing devil’s advocate. You don’t have to be a nutcase to be disturbed by this.

I don’t think it’s wrong to kill animals for food. But there is very definitely something wrong with torturing animals before you kill them.

And how can firing sadistic employees that harm the image of your company be considered abuse?

With the majority here as well. I know they’re gonna die, but there’s a right and wrong way to facilitate that. Personally, I’ll tenderize my own chicken, thanks, I don’t need some hillbilly that’s as nutty as a shithouse rat stomping on my dinner.
Fucking fuckers.

I am real. And unlike the majority of sheltered, dumb, bleeding heart, elitists on this board, such as yourself and most others that posted on this thread, have a modicum of common sense and a respect enough for people (humans instead of chickens) to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Hm. I have tried to stay out of these types of discussions around here, because I don’t like getting bitched at about my views.


What we are saying here is that it is okay to kill these animals…as long as you don’t hurt them in the process…right? You really think that the people in slaughterhouses care anything about what the animal is going through? All they care about is killing as many animals as quickly as possible…cos that equals more $$$, and that is all that matters. If “humanely killing” (sounds oxymoronic to me) animals is taking away from the profit margins of these corporations, do you really think they will put that much effort into it? Do you really think the government organizations in charge of overseeing these plants would actually do something to prevent any abuse from occurring (which would piss off the CEOs, and would make them cut down on the contributions they make to whoever is in office at the time)? Let’s not be delusional.

:smack: <------that’s me trying to not come across as being preachy and failing miserably.

Machetero: you are an asshole. I respect any of the animals you eat more than I respect you.

now now.
Just because you have a GRUDGE against chickens is NO reason to cluck about it here!

Gee, thanks. Warms my dumb little liberal heart. Given the source, it’s quite the compliment, really. Interesting that you should choose to lower the bar to generalisations and insults, whereas I merelt enquired if you were taking the piss or not.

But then, blanket generalisations make you the intelligent, non-sheltered, rational non-elitist that you are. Right?

“Game birds”. “Treasured athletes”. Hmmm. Cock-fighting? Well, you’re an asset to any discussion about animal cruelty, aren’t you just?

I may be sheltered and dumb, but I am no bleeding heart. I’m a classical liberal who believes that man, alone among the animals, has rights. Animals do not have rights. Politics (as is etymologically plain) is about people. But this isn’t an issue of rights or human ethics; it is an issue of morality. Only the blackest of hearts could take delight in the infliction of pain, fear, and desparation for the sake of nothing more than a good laugh. It is an act of terrorism that is inflicted by cowards.

Terrorism? :dubious:

“2. violent and intimidating gang activity” — Merriam-Webster

Dude, not all of us are elitist liberals. Take me… I’m a meat eater, a avid deer hunter, and I despise PETA. Ted Nugent is my hero. (“Kill it and Grill it.” Amen!) But animal cruelty is wrong, no matter who’s responsible. And if this type of behavior was taking place at Pilgrim’s Pride, the responsible parties should be duly reprimanded.

Common sense? I don’t think so. Even if we give them the benefit of the doubt, I still say they should have been fired. If, as you say, they were just trying “to make sure they were dead”, they should be fired.

I have seen the equipment used in slaughterhouses. Even if some of the equipment in the killing room malfunctioned, the workers still have neck breakers, air snips, and all sorts of other equipment for the processing of poultry that would easily kill a chicken. Even if we take the animal rights issue out of the equation, there is simply no damn reason to throw a chicken on the floor and stomp on it “to make sure it’s dead”. Sanitation and product loss issues alone are enough to fire these idiots.

My husband and I raise pastured poultry as a sideline and slaughter them ourselves.
I think the reason that killing and gutting a chicken doesn’t disturb me is because we raise them in the very best possible conditions and kill them quickly and humanly. It takes less than a minute for the bird to die.
We don’t wring their necks either-we place them in a killing cone and slit their throats to bleed the meat.
Chickens-especially the meat birds-aren’t particularily engaging.
However, I can’t imagine stomping one to death.
That’s horrible.
I firmly believe that if you eat anything that was living-you should honor the animal or bird by giving it a decent life and a quick kill.
Anything less is brutality.

Actually, this whole issue isn’t just about the birds, it’s about the people too. Despite the fact that i’m a vegetarian, i do (rightly or wrongly) place human beings on a separate level from animals. We are, i believe, so different that we can reasonably be placed in a different category. But the very things that make us different from animals–our reasoning abilities, our moral compass, our sense of responsibility–should dictate that we do our best not to inflict unnecessary pain and suffering on other creatures.

It’s interesting that you are arguing that human beings are different from animals, and so we should have more respect for people. Yet your own argument, in which you go out of your way to excuse this behavior, suggests that you actually believe that we aren’t really all that different from animals after all. I’m saying that if humans truly are a species apart, a more important and valuable type of being, then we should act in such a way as to make that distinction meaningful.

Dudes, lay off Machetero, okay? He just lost his job.

Unfortunately, like George W. Bush did with the Iraq war, Machetero appears to have pissed away any sympathy he might have garnered from this crowd.

When you’ve got a diverse spectrum of folks like Coldfire, Liberal, and Crafter_Man telling yu, “dude, lay off the virol and take a deep breath,” something’s seriously effe’d up.