Live injured deer on the side of the road.

Poor things been there for a week atleast. I found him walking into town in the ditch alive, and otherwise healthy but laying on his leg which was bent the wrong way presumably broken. I filed a report with sheriff’s office thinking they’d know what to do. I didn’t have the money, skill or setup to take care of an injured wild deer. Worst case they euthianise I thought, which would still be better then slowly dieing in a ditch. Well I walked into town yesterday and the poor thing was still there. Apparently the sheriff decided leaving him there to suffer was the best course of action. :frowning:
I have a friend with a gun I could probably get to shoot the poor thing, but deer are out of season, and I don’t want to get him in trouble. Not to mention it’s on the edge of town beside a busy highway and some one firing a gun might not go down so well. From the look of the rear leg it’s broken but the other three seem en tacked. Although he doesn’t seem to be able to walk on them.

Okay so what are the options to handle this? Any agencies that would fix the buck up or atleast end it’s suffering? If not, how do I euthanise it legally?

Poor thing.

I live in St. Joe county Michigan if that helps.

Have you tried Animal Control?

The sheriff hasn’t done anything? I think I’d give the sheriff another call and perhaps the humane society. If those don’t help you might try the local newspaper. That’s disgraceful.

Surprises me the police haven’t taken care of it. Our police will and have (personally have seen it myself) shoot injured/dying deer.

Michigan’s DNR could probably get something done, or call a local hunting club, Sierra club, etc.