Living la vida loca

I was sitting on my couch a little earlier in my underwear watching TV(God, it’s great living alone). I didn’t have any clean bowls, so I was eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream out of the gallon container it comes in. I was in heaven, except for having to move it from thigh to thigh because i would get cold. I would have held it between my legs, but didn’t want any uncomfortable shrinkage. Nothing worse that a numb dick. Anyway, I’m watching TV, and then suddenly realize what I’m doing and thinking I should have called some friends to go out tonight. But it was already 10 o’clock and it was too late to get anybody.

It was then that I remembered something Dennis Miller said one time. He was talking about sitting on his couch watching tv at like 2 in the morning in some old sweat pants and a t-shirt. He was hunched into the back of the couch with a big bowl of popcorn sitting on his chest. When he wanted some popcorn, he’d drop his chin to puch the popcorn up a little and grab a couple of kernals with his tongue. It was at this point he depressingly realized he was not living la vida loca. I now know exactly how he felt.

Just something mundane and pointless I thought I’d share. Gotta go now. My ice cream’s starting to melt.

And ya know what? that is going to be the stuff you miss the most when you get married and have kids. Or at least that is what my married siblings tell me…

I sort of had the same epiphany when I realized the other day that I had been on the SDMB for six hours straight. At work.

Describes my life well. :eek:

Aglarond, I’ve learned to treasure those quiet interludes of no activity, no responsibility. They are rare enough, it seems.

Can I have some ice-cream, or are you gonna hog that whole thing? :wink:

I hogged it all. But I did buy another gallon on my way home from work today. :smiley: Feel free to grab a bowl.