Living near Buckingham Palace - Horrid?

I think Buckingham Palace must make Westminster a very posh neighborhood, so maybe there are folks there so rich they have time to spend on the Dope…What is it like to live near there? It seems there’s always large gatherings there and at St. James Park and the surrounding area - is it terrible to live around that? Or do the masses show, enjoy themselves and leave in the space of a day for things like Trooping of the Colour, etc?

And if you live in Buckingham Palace, I’d love to hear about that as well…

I would imagine you get used to it. Much like some friends of mine have an amazing 180 degree view of the Pacific Ocean…and sees Cruise Liners park two or three times a week.

(I do not live near Buckingham Palace.)

I DO work in Downtown Denver, and when ‘Stuff’ happens, you develop coping mechanisms.

(St. Pattys day, avoid west end, with all the bars…Taste of Denver, avoid the Capitol Hill Area, Broncos win the superbowl - Work from home)

Nobody lives that close to Buck House. It’s surrounded by parks on all sides except the south which are mostly offices and other public buildings. Actually it would be less busy than many other bits of central London. The area round there has few bars and restaurants to keep people there during the evenings.

Great view of the area, but I must ask - an Irish Embassy? Color me confused.

There’s a whole country of Irish people out there, ya know.
There’s a road on the west side of the palace that looks like a giant pair of sunglasses.

You’re confused that the Republic of Ireland has an embassy in the capital of its neighbour, the United Kingdom?

I guess I’ve thought of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland like our states over here; independent gov’ts at the local level under a Federal umbrella. But Ohio wouldn’t have a representative in Lansing, Michigan… but they do have one in Washington, DC and having written it out now I understand what you’re on about.


That’s the embassy of the Republic of Ireland, not Northern Ireland. NI is part of the UK; the Republic isn’t. They had a war over it, you know…

What’s with the weird lines on the back lawn?

I’m not sure you do understand. Ireland is an actual country that gained independence from Britain about 100 years ago. So it’s like the United States having an embassy in London.

If Time Team has taught me anything, then those lines are clearly signs of earlier buildings. Three days hard digging will uncover a garden wall from the 30s and a small pile of random stones that the experts agree is clearly a bronze age burial/kiln/nightclub. Then it’s off to the pub.

Meanwhile, my partner went to school in Windsor and says he never really gave a thought to the royal residence except to be vaguely annoyed at navigating around groups of tourists while trying to go about his ordinary day… although he adds that it was fun watching it burn that one time. He also liked the easy availability of tourist foods on the streets, particularly the waffles and doughnuts.

And besides, I would not be surprised if Ohio did have a representative office in Michigan. I believe that there are various associations of second-level jurisdictions like US states and Canadian provinces, and it would seem to be a natural thing for them to do bilateral relations.

There are tents out there too, so maybe it’s related to a garden party, maybe ropes that would get put into stanchions to make the pathways you can see in this picture?

I had heard a whisper of it, yes. Did you know Michigan and Ohio had a war as well? Michigan ‘lost’ Toledo.

Of course, Time Team have excavated the back lawn of Buckingham Palace. Not that they found much, apart from some garden features already known from other sources. The excavation report is here [PDF].

When I was going to Columbus OH a colleague of mine, who was from Grand Rapids, advised me not to mention Michigan. :wink:

They look more like hosepipes for watering the lawn to me. They are attached in pairs to evenly spaced points that could be taps, and you can see what looks like a spray of water from the ends of some of them (the single one at the left and the two closest to the pathway).

Good grief. Sounds like July 4th in DC. Anyone else want to talk about living near tourist attractions in this thread?

Indeed. Part of living in DC (not just on the 4th) is putting up with the rallies, protests and such that will occasionally pack the metro/restaurants/cabs to overflowing. You learn to live with it and teach the tourists about how to use the farecard machines.

Standees to the right!

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