Living Wills - What's in Yours?

The Terry Schiavo case has made the public much more aware of the need for advance medical directives or living wills. Up to now I haven’t given this subject much thought, but given the wide variety of conditions that could arise I’m finding it difficult to define my wishes exactly.

If you have already created a living will, what provisions are in it and how did you determine what to include or exclude?

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DrMatrix - GQ Moderator

I attended a workshop on the resources that are available to help prepare people for the end of their lives. This was at a conference for librarians. Anyway, it made me realize that not only did I need to update my will, but I really should have a living will (medical proxy) and a medical power of attorney done as well.

Quality of life is very important to me. If I’m not mentally there anymore and there’s no chance I will be, then I don’t want to be kept alive. There are lots of things to consider and I reviewed lots of living will books and discussed the local laws with my lawyer to come to an arrangement that I felt comfortable with.

Both my children are minors and my partner and I aren’t married so I really needed to have the proxy and power of attorney in place to make sure he has the authority to act on my behalf. He and I talked about what I want him to do if something happens to me. The power of attorney allows him to handle all my finances if anything happens to me and I can’t do it myself. And the proxy spells out what I want medically and gives him the authority to make any decisions for me if I’m unable to do so.