Liviu Librescu

We’ve all heard by now of the selfless deeds of this man.

If he was like so many Holocaust survivers, he must have asked himself many times - why me? why did I survive when so very, very many did not?

As he watched his students run to safety, I wonder if he thought to himself, “Now I understand. I would be needed to block the door”.

Ugh, protoglurge.


That’s pretty harsh.

I hope that such thoughts console his loved ones.

While these thoughts must be consoling for those close to Librescu, they indicate a bizarre level of predetermination in the universe that could quite easily lead to the writing of glurge.

Why did he survive the Holocaust? Because he was lucky.
Why did he get killed in Virginia Tech? Because he was unlucky.

Or taking it a step further:

Why did he survive the Holocaust? It was random.
Why did he get killed in Virginia Tech? It was random.

That doesn’t denigrate his bravery as an individual, or the bravery of his acts, not at all. But don’t read too much into a “purpose”.

Or if you disagree with me, tell me for what purpose Haing S. Ngor got gunned down in an LA parking lot?

You want some more glurge fodder? Monday was Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel. I mean, if you’re looking for symbols, how much more symbolic could it get?

And yet… Random occurrences.

Which detracts nothing from the fact that he was a brave man. RIP, Liviu.

Yeah, I thought it was odd that Monday was Yom Hashoah also.

I don’t know how much time he had to think. But if you read a lot of survivors’ memoirs, a lot of them managed to survive by just being lucky- the gun jammed, Hungarian folks (I think- could be wrong) surreptitiously threw bread to those on the death march, your friend instead of you got sent to get water but collapsed on the way just before you were liberated.

Maybe he was one who survived due to the actions of others, and decided to repay the favor.

I dunno. I’m trying to avoid the media frenzy (haven’t turned on the TV in days) but when I heard of Liviu I read a few articles. Very few events that aren’t immediately connected to me make me cry, but this did. A very brave and selfless act.

He was a man who’d seen firsthand that all that evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing. I doubt he could have lived with himself if he hadn’t tried to stop the shooter. In the end, though, it doesn’t matter why he did it, all that matters is that he did do it.

My post was not about the man - he was a hero. It was just about the stomach-turning glurge.

Religious requirements be damned. This guy earned a spot in heaven, regardless of whatever the various sects say is required for the good afterlife.

You’ll notice that what I wrote was referring to what he might have thought. And I think there’s a good chance his family may have considered something along those lines, too.

“Stomach-turning glurge”. OK.

Actually, it did. I heard an interview with his wife.

Thanks for posting this. I wondered if that might happen (in some form), but had no idea that it actually transpired. Thanks again.

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