Lizzie Borden column display problem?

Maybe it’s just my PC, but there appears to be a slight problem with this column:

Using either IE 5.5 or Netscape 4.7, the last thing that appears just above the very bottom of the page is this (exactly):

“My take? The chance of a mysterious intruder killing A.J. and Abby Borden without being noticed by Lizzie and Bridget is m”

At least the last part of this sentence is missing.

Oh my God zgystardst you’re right!?! Could it be that John Corrado, in the midst of another of his fine Staff Reports, was about to reveal the true killer in the Borden murders, but was silenced by an unknown hand? Gasp! :eek:

I just called it up and it loaded fine.

Try calling it up, if you still see it in truncated form try “Cntrl” + “Refresh” and see if you don’t see it all that time.

Sorry for your inconvenience.

your humble TubaDiva

hmm. my version came up just fine, thanks. the sentence quoted was

, then he goes on to explain his personal view on 'who was the killer by saying it was



I can display it fine now. I did try the ctl-reload thing before I posted, but the page still came up truncated.

Thanks for your attention. I’ll take it up with those who are really responsible for my computer hiccup.

(Opens a drawer, pushes aside a blood-stained blue dress and axhandle, pulls out a box of pins and voodoo dolls of Bill Gates and Steve Case, tries to find an open spot…)

You know, you’re free to go after whoever is responsible for my computer hiccup as well. I had the exact same problem, and reloading the page did nothing. Annoys the hell out of me. It’s fine now BTW.