LJ access code

I’ve seen others ask for this before without getting thier hand slapped so I guess it is cool. Does anybody have an LJ code they would be willing to email me? I wanna try it out.

If it isn’t cool for us to ask this on the boards, then I apologize.



I guess not.

Oh well. :slight_smile:

Greathouse, I have one of you still want it. Let me know.

Uh, that would be, I have one if you still want it.

How could I have one of you? :wink:

Yes please. My email address in my profile is correct, but I’ll go ahead and put it here as well.



Ok, it’s on it’s way! Enjoy.

Still need one?

I guess not. Heh.

I have a couple for anyone else that needs one.

I’ll take one.


Thanks, insomnia4AM, I got it and just created my account.

Please? :frowning:

Please! (What is LJ, anyway?)

Johnny Bravo, I’d send you a code, but I just joined tonight and you have to be a member for a week… maybe if you asked real nice in the “Oh My Freakin’ God” thread, one of the Babes[sup]tm[/sup] would send you a code…

Sure you can have one! LJ is the best thing I ever came across, EVER! I will email it to you…

Uh, if your email was in your profile! I have like, 7 more if anyone wants one!

Can I have one? I’ve always wondered what the big hoo-haa was over these things. My address is in my profile. Thank you! :slight_smile:

It’s on it’s way, Iciclefuzz. Man, I feel so happy , helping people get their LiveJournals!

So check your email, and Johnny Bravo, I have one for ya if you are still interested…

Code received insomnia4AM. Thanks a lot. Now to get writing…

You’re welcome, Iciclefuzz! Enjoy.