Local gun law?

Isn’t there a list somewhere that lays out gun laws, in simple language, by city? I thought it was the NRA, but I didn’t find it there. Lots of politics, bless their souls, but not what I’m looking for. Mostly what I’m seeking is C&C and possession law in various cities.

Well, to my knowledge, it doesn’t have cities, but it has all 50 states pretty well summarized: www.packing.org.

I’ve also noticed that major cities tend to be a lot more restrictive on concealed carry laws than the states themselves (I’m assuming that’s what your “C&C” means. . .)

Hey, it’s a start. . .

Cool, Tripler. Exactly what I was looking for. That’s a lot more than I got on google. My fault, not googles.

Thanks again, Tripler, for that link. :slight_smile:
I looked the site over pretty closely. The state info is broken down by counties, I guess because the sherrif’s office is usually responsible for issuance of permits.
There’s a lot of useful info, plus some politics, on the site. Anyone even considering buying a handgun would do well to look it over, IMO.
The county I now live in (Alameda) is one of the most restrictive, while the county I grew up in (Kern) is one of the least.

I’m glad you found it useful!

Keep in mind that it’s a site to get you started, but YMMV. I currently live in Montana, and can qualify for a CCW permit. It doesn’t mean the local county is very interested in letting me have one, though. . .

In other words, use that site to get you started, but take my motto: “Semper Gumby!” (“Be flexible”!) in their interpretation.

But I pray that everyone that is legal to do so, carries a weapon. This keeps us as a public, and a government, at bay.

Here’s your $0.98 in change.

I’ll take it. It’ll go toward that $800 gun on that other thread. :stuck_out_tongue: