Local medical providers

When covid first hit, there was drive up testing practically every where. Time goes by, things settle down a bit, and a lot of that drive up testing disappeared. Regular testing as well.

There is exactly 1 urgent care clinic in the area that openly explains how to pay for testing, and if you don’t have insurance, testing is free. There is 1 of 2 main hospitals that has a passing mention of the congressional act that makes this so, if you dig deep enough into their website.
There is a chain of care clinics that has become fairly predominant in the area for non-urgent care in the area. They have 3 clinics for testing if you have symptoms and 1 clinic if you don’t have symptoms, by appointment only.
There are a few pharmacies around, sort of hit and miss which ones on what days, that mostly test only limited numbers per day.

I am standing in line(5th in line) at 630 am and hour and a half before the the clinic I first mentioned opens. They do 3 batches of 25 tests a day and then have their own inhouse lab to determine results, no appointment, first come first served. It didn’t used to be this way at this clinic.

I give kudos to this clinic for their actions regarding covid testing.

The rest of the medical establishment…

There is a special place in hell reserved just for those responsible, who made the decision to restrict availability of testing locations, by appointment only and not fully and openly disclosing the financial side of it.

I know this seems weak but I’m fucking cold and my hands are freezing and I’m done for now so I can put them in my pockets

But ‘by appointment’ is intended to make it so no one has to line up and wait, I thought.

(It worked that way when hubs was tested.)

An update.

I went to the first clinic this morning, not because they utilize the Families First Corona Virus Response Act even though that is a plus, but because they have an in-house lab and have very quick turn around on test results.

Even though I don’t have insurance, I do have the ability to cover the $400.00 freaking bill out of pocket if I need to. So I decided to give up my spot and go to a different clinic. I managed to find one other walk-in testing site. Went there, got all signed in, paid the upfront fee (not even a hint of the response act, I mentioned it and got looked at like I was from pluto or something) and sat, for an hour and watched 12 other people come in after me and get seen before me for the exact same thing. The difference that I could see was insurance. They all had it.

Fuck those fucking fuckers. I’ve called, made an appointment with a different provider (where again, the response act is probably foreign gibberish) so at least I have the illusion of not being depriortized.

But all of those people who don’t have that option, who are standing in line all damn day in the cold and the snow storm that happened this morning, those are the ones truly getting well fucked. Again, kudos to the clinic doing the best it can.

The rest of the medical establishment in this shitty little burg can go get fucked right up the ass with a white hot rusty chainsaw, the fucking witless cum stains on momma’s ass that they are

Ah sorry elbows, had to get that out. Um, that may be the stated purpose, but around here it seems to just one of several tools used to make sure the wrong people aren’t getting tested in a timely fashion, cause I do live in the turd province of trump after all

I don’t blame you, it sounds terrible. I can’t believe in the middle of a pandemic they are still prioritizing people by their insurance. It’s shocking.

It’s so different here, my hubs developed the sniffles, his employer said go home and don’t come back till you test negative. He was tested the same day, and had the result the next day, which he accessed online. No cost. Negative.

Who needs so much extra stress at such a time?

I certainly hope yours comes back the same,
(even if they annoy the sh*t out of you first),
Good Luck!

This article from The New York Times (paywall warning) might explain why your testing site favored insured patients. It’s about a Connecticut doctor who charged a lot for coronavirus tests, but then also tested for a bunch of other respiratory diseases, and also charged hundreds more for the phone call providing the test results.

I don’t often have much good to say about the New York City government, but the city’s testing program is fantastic.

I go every week. At the city testing facility nearest me, there’s almost never a line, and when there is, it’s about five minutes long. There are, I think, nine testing stations, and they move everyone through very fast.

I almost always have my results in less than 24 hours.

And yet so many people prefer to stand in line, outdoors, at CityMD. I think they’re afraid to leave lovely Brooklyn Heights and go down to the Red Hook projects. But really, it’s much, much better.

And free.

I don’t know what they do in other states, but last time I got tested the checked for flu, covid and one other that I can’t remember, 2 nasal swabs and one throat or mouth swab.

I dunno, it’s just a shame, especially now, the state government is worried about the rising tidal wave of cases…

No, I’m not getting started on the mask issue and my state government’s pearl clutching dithering over individual rights​:exploding_head: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Not to mention local law enforcement who refuse to enforce the local ordinances passed requiring public masking, preferring “education” instead

I don’t understand the reluctance to enforce the protocols and fine people large for not abiding. Cities are literally bleeding money, they need the income, do it!

Make an example of a few people and compliance will rise.

A large local house party was busted and the host fined $10k. It was on the news, that’s gonna hurt the rule breakers and help the city’s cash flow. It’s really win-win!

Oh hell, who am I kidding, local cops ain’t gonna ever do anything like that around here. RIGHTS! Can’t trample on Individual Rights…

Fuckin dumb fucks, I why I oughta :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and then :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: you sheep violating fucks!

DAMMIT! I said I wasn’t gonna get started on masks

In my clinic ALL COVID testing requires a provider visit. The reason, they tell me, is that we still do not have unlimited supplies of the testing materials. Especially the rapid test which is reserved for symptomatic folks and those trying to get surgery.

Regarding the price. I tried this week, I couldn’t get any information on the price. And I work here. I don’t know why, but it seems like information that just isn’t available.

Yeah, some are open and out there about money and some aren’t. When I set up the appointment with the clinic where I finally got tested, they asked about insurance, but that’s the only time money was mentioned. I’ll wait and see if I get a bill or not.