Locating somebody overseas

I used to correspond with this guy in California many many years ago, and I’ve wondered what happened to him. He was a herpetologist for the Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco. I noticed his name recently on an article about snakes in Australia, one about lizards in New Guinea, and another with photos he took in the Galapagos Islands. I’m thinking maybe he moved to Australia. How does one look for somebody in another country? Is there a good website for that?

Swietack ?

I don’t have the answer to your question, but most scientific articles list the institution(s) each author is affiliated with. You might try finding the web site for that institution.

Alternatively, send a letter care of “the author to whom correspondence should be addressed”. That address should be listed in the article.

Good luck!

Sue from El Paso

Jorge, Yes! Karl Switak. How the hell did you know that??

Try www.whowhere.com

[[Try www.whowhere.com ]]

That’s US only, but a good site.

I am still amazed that I posted this question and somebody responded within a day (Jorge, who I see is a wildlife biologist working in the Pacific region) who knows who the guy is. This board is really something.

And the world keeps getting smaller and smaller.

I don’t know if this will work, but you could always send the letter c/o the U.S. Consulate or Embassy in the area where you think the person is.

That might work if the person registered with the consulate or embassy.

Just a guess.

An alert reader saw my message, did a search, and got me a name and address in Australia. But I still want to know if Jorge knows this guy, Karl Switak?

Hi Jill, sorry for the delay (gotta a newborn on my hands). Will try and find out where he is now, when I get a few moments…(I’ll forward him your e-mail address, I reckon.)

Don’t know him well personally (know his work) - but with [unwittingly] friends in common. Wildlife is a small, specialized field, and sooner or later it’s only a degree of separation at best.

Finding people ? My answer, had your question not been that specific, would’ve been “What do they do ?”. It works, see ? :slight_smile:

O le mea a tamaali’i fa’asala, a o le mea a tufanua fa’alumaina.

It’s surprising what you find searching for a name. I searched my wife’s name and found 5 hits, 4 of which she had no idea were on the web.I found my name, but it wasn’t me, it was an enginering student. If you don’t know a particular technical term, searching, even foreign words, usually gives something. Just for the heck of it, try searching something that is very specific to your field.