Loch Ness- It deserves it's own thread.

Seeks The Nessie,
Walks by Nessie,
Strolling through the Sea.

Can’t find Nessie,
Won’t Find Nessie,
Why not let things be?

Missing Nessie,
Absent Nessie,
How will he not drown?

Long Lost Nessie,
Mythic Nessie,
How will he go pee?


It’s take one step, and come up for air, and take another step, and come up for air…

They have a RECORD for running a marathin in a rubber diving suit? Man! All the best catagories are already taken!

Bah. I could take weeks to finish. Six days is nothing.

I don’t believe it!!

The crazy son-of-a-gun is actually gonna do it!!!

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/scotland/3145584.stm :eek:
Whowants to chumm the Loch, just to see what happens? :smiley:

He’s already started - they were interviewing him on TV this weekend. He’d done the first 100 yards, which took him something like an hour - during which time he’d already fallen over and got tangled up in his safety line.

Safety line? If we could get him to add a hook, we could settle a bar bet or two…

a really BIG hook…

The reason for a safety line is in case of an unseen dip or cliff on the floor of the loch - it’s shorter than his breathing tube, and will prevent it from being pulled out of the suit (causing instant death).

Personally I think he should be armed with a pointed stick.

Personally, I think we should cover him in A-1 Steak Sauce ™ , and then sell tickets, but maybe that’s just me. :smiley:

Also, make him eat lots and lots of mackerel for several days, and swallow cod liver oil tablets. Pay-per-view.

And make sure he’s carrying…

about tree-fiddy.

How about strapping 100 of those really shiny lures to his diving suit? In the interests of science and all…

Happy Scrappy Hero Pup - you beat me to it.

Maybe he should just give Nessie a dollar first, that way you know he’ll keep coming around…

I thought Nessie was working as a bouncer at Mr. Burn’s Casino these days.

Here’s the latest update on Lloyd Scott’s progress. After injuring his shoulder, he’s back on course and hopes to complete his trek Thursday.

And people wonder why Brits aren’t bowled over by David Blaine sitting in a box doing not a lot for 44 days except earning millions for himself. Jesus . . . the power of bullshit image and publicity . .

Good luck Mr Scott and I hope you make the £1 million for Leukaemia!


…The famous French oceanographer gasped and rewound the underwater videotape to the point where something flashed across the screen. “Zut alors!” he cried. “Ziss looks just like a reptilian foot, nessie paw?”

ne c’est pas? :rolleyes:

That cracked me up, AskNott! There aren’t all that many bilingual puns around.

Heheh - , good one, AskNott. I’ll remember that for future reference (also known as plagiarism).

I might inflict it upon the CelynBrother who lives in that neck of the woods.

OR maybe I should not! :slight_smile:


And he’s still got all his limbs! Not even a nibble!

Next time, we cover him in Grey Poupon!

Yikes, twelve days - not too bad.

Has he walked The Great Wall yet? Or what about the Grand Canyon? That’d take at least a coupla years.