Loch Ness: The Tooth, the whole tooth, & nothin but the Tooth.

$5000 reward for info on a giant tooth allegedly found near Loch Ness.



Is it me or does it almost look like some sort of horn bud?

It looks to me like a pronghorn antelope antler bud.

Now that has potential for some scary imagery! :: shudder ::

The old “I hid the plates under a bush and when I came back they were gone” game. It’s been done to death in one form or another.

It looks to me, too, like a piece of a deer horn. Nothing too exciting about that. skeptical

The mystery is solved!

And the Fraud is publically exposed!

The Scalawag has his Comeuppance! :smiley:

I think when the kids claim “Our Scottish local told us there are no bears in the area.” I suspect something (suspect something further that is…) as any Scottish guide would surely know there aren’t bears in the whole ‘area’ of the British Isles.

Yup. Just so.

Haha - I see Staggerlee beat me to it. I found the remark about the bears quite funny.:slight_smile:

The Blair Witch strikes again!

Tony Blair might be upset to be called a witch, and witches might be upset to be associated with Tony Blair!

Such lack of tact! :smiley: