Lockpicking for fun (not profit!)

I’ve read one of the Wikihow articles that claim that some simple locks can be picked using parts from a pen cap, things like that; to date, despite several efforts, I’ve not come close to doing so. Is there a “trick” to it that maybe the sites don’t convey?

That hint only works for interior door “locks”
The kind that doesn’t take a key, just a screwdriver blade.

The only tools needed to pick most locks (besides your finger, but let’s skip the old joke) are a torque tool, to twist the lock cylinder, and a bumper, to push up the pins. A small flat screwdriver and a straightened paper clip with a little bump formed on the end are often enough. It’s all in the touch.

BTW, just having such tools is a felony in many places.

Here’s a breakdown of lockpick laws. Most states require show of intent, so it’s fine to have the tools. Most criminals, anyway, are not going to bother learning the fine skill of lockpicking for break-ins. Pick guns, though, are a bit different, as they don’t require much skill.

The techniques work better on cheap , worn out , or polluted (inappropriate lubrication ?) lock

Worn out… in cars, the key works the steering lock and the weight of the steering comes to bear on the lock… wears it out. The corners of each tumbler gets to curved …
Polluted: thick grades of oil are sticky

The pen cap probably refers to a certain Krypton bike lock that was found to be pickable with a pen cap. http://www.wired.com/culture/lifestyle/news/2004/09/64987

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