In westerns, if you let your horse eat a certain plant, it will freak out or go “loco”.

Is it marijuana, plain and simple?

Or is it a different plant, but with “loco-weed” becoming an all-too-predictable euphemism for pot?



I don’t know about “becoming” – pot is what I assume they were taking about in Cow Cow Boogie:

It looks like it’s also a single word rather that a hyphenated one.

Jimson weed is sometimes called ‘loco weed’.

A typical horse weighs 1,200-1,500 pounds. About the same as 5-10 humans. So to have an effect on a horse, you would need to feed them 5-10 times as much marijuana as a typical human dose. (Actually, probably more, because of a horse’s digestive system.)

People who have that much good-quality marijuana laying around are not the type to feed it to a horse instead of using it themself. So there aren’t many documented cases to report on this.

It grows wild in many parts of the world. Hence the term, “weed”.

Although the most common wild form is ruderalis (hemp) and doesn’t have that much THC, so your argument stands.

I’ll just point out the following error… I’m not sure if anyone has ever done a study describing the effects of marihuana on horses, but…

Just because an animal is X times bigger (or smaller) than a human, does not mean it takes X times as much amount of substance to cause an effect, okay?

They are not talking about marijuana. With respect to horses, it’s probably Oxytropis or Astragalus.