Loews Hardware stores: Do they cut plywood for free?

As I preface many of my posts: I’m a college student who needs a little help since I’m on a limited cash…

I need 2 sheets of plywood cut (Maybe around 4ftx3ft each)

Like many college students I don’t have a circular saw or the willingness to spend money to buy one.

Any idea if there is a charge to get plywood cut for you at these stores?

You meant “Lowes” I assume. And “Home Depot” have similar policies.
They will make one cut at not charge assuming you buy a 4 x 8 sheet and have one piece cut to 4 x 3. If you get a congenial service person they MAY cut the second at no or minimum charge.
OTOH call by phone and ask.

Around here, Lowes and Home Depot give you the first two cuts for free, then 50¢ per after that.

Do call them first and check that the panel saw is working. At the HD near my home, it’s was as often broken as it is working until they replaced it recently.

Also, be sure to know the size pieces you need. “About” will probably win you a blank stare. And, be ready to pick a piece of plywood (watch out for bashed corners, splits, and other assorted uglies) and bring it to the saw. They’re not completely full-service. :smiley:

I had this done at Lowes two times this weekend. It was about 8 cuts each load. They give you a couple of cuts and then charge the minimal amount of .$39 or so for each additional cut. I don’t even know if they charged me at all. I have a table saw but the service is well worth it and extremely cheap. I don’t think they will do fancy cuts however.

At Home Depot we did cuts generaly free of charge it was only when someone would want us to spend a ton of time cutting several peices that we pointed out it will cost them.

It is against policy to cut and processed material like paneling or doors. Also it is a no no to cut PT but that generaly isn’t followed.

I’m sure Lowes has similar policies

wow, all those answers help considerably!

Now, let me throw one more in the mix.

We are making bean bag boxes
obviously we need a round circle in the middle… I’m thinking renting a jigsaw

But since so many good answers were given, maybe you can give a word of advice on this as well… Do they offer any service for a circular jigsaw cut for the center circle?

also, while on the topic… anyone know where I can buy a good set of bean bags to throw… we’re going to use it tomorrow so I don’t think an online store is feasible. What say you, dopers?

I’ve seen plastic zip lock bags superglued shut and double bagged used in a bean bag related emergency, but they’re not perfect.

You can buy a basic jigsaw for about $30-40.

I would think it would be possible to cut the hole using a drill and a hole saw.

At most of the lumber yard/home center places I’ve worked at, the phrase “the panel saw is broken” is code for “We don’t have enough help to let someone stand there and cut wood for free”. Sometimes, though, it is broken, usually the blade needs replacing or somebody removed the guard. Just sayin’.

And be aware-many times when wood is cut on a panel saw, it is not cut square.

Best of luck with your project!

I hear Home Depot will cut your coke for free.

No the coke only comes free with the purchase of a vanity.

You can get a really cheap black and decker jig saw for 20-25 bucks at HD. It will do what you want just don’t expect alot of persision.

I’m not sure about bean bags but in my younger years(4-5 years ago) I played in a couple of live action games. They used peices of cloth filled with birdseed to represent ranged attacks. They can be thrown pretty far and rarely hurt when hit be them(except for an eye shot that hurts). Use a 7X7 peice of cloth, pour about a film canister of birdseed into the center, grab the cloth by four corners give it a twist and then put a rubber band over the tail.

If you’re looking to duplicate the boxes on the linked website, I guarentee that you will be out of luck at HD or Lowes. Panel saws only cut vertical or horizontal, no angles. :eek:

For the beanbag, how about using a sock? Cut it off the the size you want, and it would take only a minimal amount of sewing to close it off. Alternately, leave it uncut, and tie a knot in it (and maybe then cut off the excess above the knot.)

Some places rent power tools. Check your local yellow pages. If you’re living in a college town, there may be one.

In my experience, the kind gentlemen at Lowes will cut anything you want that’s within their capabilities for free if you go when it’s not too crowded and are nice. (I don’t know if being female and alone helps or not, but I was and they did.) Their saws are none too precise, though, and only do certain things, FYI. Worked fine for my raised vegetable beds, though.