Logistics of celebs visiting Disney

Since seeing a bunch of recent stuff on-line about Tom Cruise & Suri on vacation at the Magic Kingdom I was wondering how much VIP treatment the park is willing to give them vs. how much they have to do it like everybody else and put up with standing in line.
I’m sure they’ve got bodyguards with them but even if they go ahead and behind you in line you’re passing people on both side through those que lines.
Or do they just get wisked onto any ride they like?
How do they move around the park? Just walk and let the crowds constantly snap pictures of you non-stop?

My sister worked at Disney World about 10 years ago, on one of the Fantasyland attractions (Winnie the Pooh, I think). She told me once when she was working there Christina Aguilera came through. She (and whoever was with her at the time) was being escorted around the park by a Disney employee, and was escorted right into the exit area of the ride, where she was able to get on without waiting in the regular line. I’m guessing this is how it worked at most rides.

It sucks but it’s probably better for everyone involved. Otherwise the celeb would be mobbed and you wouldn’t be able to distinguish the line for the ride from the mob.

Although one might think that a celebrity would at least make an attempt to blend in, this was most definitely not the case when I spotted the future Queen Rania of Jordan at Disneyland about 10 years ago. She looked like a princess, all dressed in layered white silk, with loads of jewelry and a gorgeous handbag and shoes. She is not an ordinary-looking lady anyway, but MAN did she ever stand out amongst the jeans and sneakers of Disneyland!

It was obvious that she was SOMEBODY, with her entourage of bodyguards and others (a handful of family members? I didn’t recognize anyone but her) and two Disney employees leading the pack. They were doing the “enter through the exit” bit, also.

How does that work for the Line Ride?

Dave Foley and his nine year old daughter were guests on Doug Benson’s podcast. Dave’s daughter said that one of the coolest things about her dad working for Disney as a voice actor was getting escorted at DisneyWorld and going to the front of the lines.

Become a big enough celebrity and you might not even be allowed to visit Disneyland (for security fears reasons).

September 19, 1959: Khrushchev barred from visiting Disneyland.