Logoff/password issue

I have stayed logged in on my phone since the switch to Discourse, and have my username and password saved to my Google account. Today I found that I had been logged out, and my saved password was being rejected. I clicked the link to change my password, and got an email with a link, but the link didn’t take me to a page where I could change my password–it just logged me in. Just wanted to give admin a heads up and also let any users know if they experience the same.

Exactly what error message are you getting when you try to log in?

Yeah, that is one of the weird things about Discourse. Every other site would send you an email that would allow you to change your password. Discourse sends you an email with a link that logs you in, so you can then go change your password in the options.

Sorry, forgot to take a screenshot. But I believe it was telling me my password was incorrect.

Huh, never knew that was a thing!

The exact error message would help.

Sorry, it’s not showing anymore. If it happens again I’ll post a screenshot.

I just now experienced the “log in link” email thingy. I was trying to log on my phone in as normal and accidentally hit the “send me a log in link” jobbermathingy instead. I had no choice about logging in normally then, it wouldn’t accept my password, so I had to accept the email link. Kinda makes me nervous having it work that way, a link that just logs you in instead of taking you to a password reset. Even though I can see the logic behind it sorta.

ETA I just logged out to see if I could recreate the situation and I couldn’t. It allowed me to log in normally after requesting the login link. So either I did something different or the system did something different, either way I couldn’t recreate my experience:

I have been testing things out a bit. Seems to work the same way on a PC (firefox and chrome) and on an android (Samsung) phone. I don’t have a Mac or an iPhone so I can’t test those.

Discourse has two options when logging in. One is under the user name and says “Skip the password; send me a login link”. The other is “I forgot my password” which is under the password field. The “Skip the password” link does exactly that - it skips the password and sends you a link to click on to directly log in. That’s the way that it is supposed to work. If you have forgotten your password or need to reset it for some reason, you need to click on the forgot password link instead.

If you accidentally hit “Skip the password; send me a login link” all you need to do is close it by hitting the X on the upper right. You can then click on Log In again and enter your password normally.

Even if you had it send you a link, you can still log in using your password. You don’t have to go to your email and click on the link.

If your account becomes deactivated, you will need to reactivate your account, which does require Discourse sending you a link. A moderator or admin has to deactivate your account though. That’s not something that happens normally.