Loki TV series discussion (spoilers)

My theory is that this Loki and the one doing the killings are the same one.

Casting spoilers:

Sophia di Martino has been cast in an as-yet-unnamed role, but there’s a lot of speculation that she’s going to be a female Loki - if so, I’m guessing Girl!Loki is the one killing all the TVA agents.

Which doesn’t rule out it also being the same Loki Tom Hiddlestone is playing, of course. If you freeze frame on his TVA file, his gender is listed as “fluid.”

I quite liked the first episode. I agree with the speculation that the Loki they’re chasing will turn out to be the same Loki we see here. It’s a bit of a trope in time-travel stories, but it can be quite effective when done well.

As with most time-travel stories, I find myself getting caught up (maybe too much) in the mechanics of how things work. Like in the first scene with Mobius in France, one of the agents says this is “the sixth attack in the last week”. What does a week mean in this context? At the end of that same scene, another agent comes through the portal to give Mobius the file on Loki. The impression is that he rushed this information to Mobius, but they’re time travelling, so what’s the need for anyone to rush? Can’t that guy portal over to 1549 any time he wants, from his perspective? So it seems that maybe there’s some kind of synchronization between the time inside in the TVA and events happening in “real” time.

It’ll probably mostly be handwaved away, which is likely best for the narrative of the show, but it’s fun to think about.

Yeah, I thought that guy pretty clearly indicated he had literally spent his whole life behind a desk, hence not knowing what a “fish” was. In the comics,

All of the TVA personnel are clones specifically created and implanted with skills and personalities to work in specific niches in the TVA. Which seems consistent with what we’ve seen of them in Loki.

As to the Mysterious Dangerous Variant,

Mobius says that it’s Loki, and that makes his interview of Loki make sense - he’s gathering intel on Loki from Loki. But the show is very coy about not revealing the Figure even after that. So, I agree, probably FemLoki. Which would go along with the gender fluid designation, and the comics where Loki had a female incarnation, and for that matter the original Norse myths where Loki at one point became female and bore Sleipnir, Odin’s eight-legged horse.

Sorry, I’ve only just come back to this.

As the OP, please feel free to change the title - maybe to just Loki TV series discussion (spoilers).

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Ah, I was surprised and happy when Owen Wilson popped up.

He’s a shapeshifter. Its about as fluid as you can get :slight_smile:

Umbrella’s Number 5 … ish.

One detail I appreciated: the machine that determines if you’re a secret robot, and then destroys you if you are, had a lot of carbon scoring on its inside. Apparently, that machine gets used a lot.

The entire episode was worth it for when Loki looks for his ticket.

Enjoyed the episode - looking forward to things as the story progresses.

I liked Loki’s, “please don’t be a robot” face as he stepped into the machine.

The clock in San Dimas is always running.

I wondered if Loki was meant to see his own death in the theatre and Mobius simply hadn’t gotten there yet, or if that will be an unexpected bit of information he’ll use down the road? Because they were trying to get him to see the error of his ways, but not that he really doesn’t have another choice.

How many Variants of how many people do they deal with from time to time? Perhaps a whole Variant team? And now they can simply pluck out anything they don’t like and use it from Netflix or other shows.

And I’ll be interested to see what Richard E. Grant is doing. Will he be Evil!Loki?

He should totally be EvilOldLoki, in 1790s France, posing as the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Many of the gags & other elements in Loki (Timeline police, apathetic office bureaucrats in charge of running the universe, walk-through security scanners that automatically atomize robots, handheld devices/collars that lets you skip/rewind time) would feel right at home on an episode of Rick and Morty

I don’t think that they invalidate free will. From your point of view, people in the past can only take the actions they took, that doesn’t mean they didn’t have will when it was their present.

The TVA’s perspective from the end of time sees the entire universe’s existence this way. They erase people that deviate from the timeline they desire, but the person gets to make the decision.

Right. Loki still chose to escape. The TVA was just going to erase him for it.

If we posit a multiverse where all decisions are realized, where there is a universe where you had fruity pebbles this morning, and another where you had eggs and toast, you don’t really have free will, as you were predetermined to do both of those things. If the universe in which you had fruity pebbles is then annihilated, that doesn’t really return that free will to you.

This is more the opposite. The universes in which you did not choose Fruity Pebbles, all of them and they contain, all the sentient beings, everything, are all erased, just as Thanos erased just half of all of just one universe. For the greater good of course. Only the predetermined sacred choices (major or trivial) are able to be made, by Time Keeper edicts, ruthlessly enforced by a bureaucratic operation. No universe in which an Avenger made a choice other than that determined to be sacred is allowed to continue. Even if it was Stark picking Frosted Flakes instead of Fruity Pebbles.

It is only within the TVA where decisions are not predetermined and enforced. Neither the workers of the TVA, or the Time Keepers themselves even, know what this Loki variant will choose to do, or “should” do as part of their chosen path, while within the TVA.