Loki TV series discussion (spoilers)

I understand that Marvel are making a 6 episode TV season starring Tom Hiddleston :sunglasses: as the God of Mischief (“Say my name!”).

From a trailer, I believe this is a new timeline, created when Loki luckily picks up the Space Stone (whilst the Avengers are time-travelling to recover the Infinity Stones. :nerd_face:)

Apparently this is going to be available on Disney+.

Please feel free to correct / update any of the above. :wink:

Now since I have enjoyed all the Avengers films and also think Hiddleston is a superb actor, I want to see this. :grinning:

Here are a couple of questions:

  • I’m in the UK…is it straightforward to subscribe to Disney+?
  • what else would you recommend on the channel (I gather ‘The Mandalorian’ is pretty good)

Thanks in advance!

I’m sure Disney+ is your only way of watching.
Well, without sacrificing quality and being a pirate…
(I had a friend back in college who hacked into a network feed so that he could watch grainy mostly-descrambled Dr.Who episodes… a whole half- hour before they aired. The experience was painful to watch).

I signed up for D+ because of The Mandalorian, so I feel like it’s already paid for itself… was going to cancel, but now I’m hooked on WandaVision. And then Loki… I’m trapped!

But the real treat has been going back and watching TONS of Star Wars films (damn, some of them are really good, now that I’m not walking into a big theater full of inflated expectations…) and they have a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff, and all the Marvel movies (can you say Ant-Man?). Now I’m starting in on all the Pixar movies I missed (Big Hero 6 is tons of fun!)…

And don’t forget there’s a cache of vintage Disney movies, and even shorts that played on the Mickey Mouse Club (I recognized Spin & Marty). There are tons of How They Do Stuff from the Disney Imagineers, too. Fascinating.

Disney+ has the entire Simpsons catalog, it is about to have all 5 seasons of the Muppet Show and of course a vast number of the classic Disney movies, Pixar movies and the Marvel Universe movies.

It looks like there are going to be Marvel series episodes being released more or less continuously from now on. A new WandaVision episode is being released each Friday until March, then Falcon starts March 19th, then Loki in May, then What If?, then Ms. Marvel, then Hawkeye

Clearly they’re trying to have people maintain their subscriptions continuously, to have access to each new episode at release time. But if you want to, you could subscribe for a month when Loki comes out, and catch up on Wanda and Falcon then.

Also in the UK. We got it easily through Amazon Firestick. If you have TV through broadband you should be ok although I believe Disney+ isn’t currently available through BT Freeview. You just need to install it on your service and go through the subscription process.

Content wise it’s basically grouped around Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Disney and National Geographic. Not much adult-oriented fictional fair but again, I believe there’s going to be an expansion to include more e.g. 20th Century Fox films so should be a wider choice soon.

The Mandalorian is very good, and I would also recommend The Clone Wars movie and series. It does a good job of fleshing out the prequel movies, and gives you a new appreciation for Obi Wan, Anakin Skywalker, and the Clone Troopers. It also ties into The Mandalorian pretty strongly at one point.

I laugh at the idea that pirated copies involve a drop in quality.

You may not be old enough to have suffered like we did…

Back in the day, there were no torrents, there were guys in darkened alleys selling degraded 4th generation VHS copies of Fireball X-1-9 puppet-shipped fan fic… But seriously, any channel you hadn’t paid for was only available after much hoop-jumping at a severe loss of picture (and sometimes audio) quality.

Did you see my barely-on-topic anecdote?

Yes, but you might as well be talking what it is like to fly an F-22 based on a Sopwith Camel. For modern files, you can get them in 4k with Dolby Atmos7.1, if they have ever been published at that level. (Myself, downloading a 300 GB torrent for one season of TV is a little excessive for me.)

Nitpick: Big Hero 6 was under Disney’s own label, not Pixar.

But you’re right; it’s tons of fun.

Disney+ has “Hamilton”, which is definitely worth checking out.

Oh, yeah, Hamilton!
Thanks to D+, I’m actually a little bit glad I couldn’t get $200 tickets (plus hotel and parking) when it was on stage.

Dear Disney, can we get paid for this extended Disney Plus commercial that we’re in?

(Ordinary SAG day rates will be fine, none of us are stars… yet.)

I am not one who wants to be overwhelmed by the thousands of streaming services, many of which are not available to me anyway, even if I could afford them all. But Disney+ was one that I knew I wouldn’t regret. Not only are the new Star Wars and Marvel shows in my wheelhouse, I am very much a Disney fan, both its live-action and its animation, and also its old kids shows. Plenty there for me to enjoy, well worth the relatively low monthly fee. I watch online only, as my TV is not hooked up right now, but that’s fine, as I have a large IPS monitor and it looks glorious.

Just seen this list of the 270 new films coming to UK Disney+ on 23rd Feb. Worth checking out to see how many you’re interested in.

Thanks all - a splendid response. :sunglasses:

OK, since I’m stuck at home safely shielding this looks like a great way to get series I can binge-watch. :nerd_face:

So just a quick clarification.
I get my Internet through British Telecommunications (BT) and have linked a widescreen TV to a computer.
I also have Freeview channels on my TV.

Now I assume that obviously Disney+ is not available using Freeview, so based on comments above, I should get Disney+ through the Internet, correct?

Yes - there’s a list of ways to watch here, including browsers supported, but basically watching it through the laptop is the way to go to you.

This is great (thanks for the swift responses :grinning:), so I only have one more question (hopefully. :wink: )

I have two computers, both using the same router and connection (BT Broadband.)
Both use Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 (which Stanislaus’ link says is fine.)
So if I take out a subscription, will I be able to watch on either computer?
(I won’t try to watch on both simultaneously! :fearful:)

You will be able to watch on either device or your phone or a TV with Firestick and many Smart TVs etc.
On top of that, the basic Disney+ allows 4 viewers at a time. At least in the US.

Before signing up, you might want to check for a package deal where Disney+ & Hulu are bundled together for a good price. Hulu has a lot of TV shows, a really large amount. It might be of interest to you too. I found this …
£7.99 per month or £79.90 for a year as of February 23 2021.

I realise just how old I am when I get genuinely helpful advice … and I don’t use these modern devices. :fearful:

So I have computers :grinning: - but not a mobile phone. :astonished:
My TV is not ‘smart’ either.
And my father used to use a ‘firestick’ to light a coal fire. :wink:

Well, see if you can borrow your dad’s firestick (maybe trade him a box of matches). We paid $30 for an Amazon Fire Stick, and it changed our lives. Turned our old dumb TV (with the ‘rabbit ears’ antenna) into a smart one.

I’m cheap, and I’d do anything to avoid a monthly cable bill. I’d rather pay for Netflix and Disney+, and it’ll be a while til I even scratch the surface of everything available.