Infinity war 'seen it' thread (spoilers)

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Thanos was never deep or sympathetic. I side-eye everyone who says he was.

I haven’t run the math yet, but I have the suspicion his “50% off” button is both racist and sexist. Yes, I’m pissed about Black Panther never getting any sequels, even though pretty much all of the white male heroes did.

(The math: add up all heroes. Get the percentage of non-white and female representation. I want to bet it’s lower post-cull.)

Gamora was right. That wasn’t love. Fuck the writers for implying that that abusive relationship had anything resembling love in it. Countless piece-of-shit abusive parents will see this movie and feel justified. FUCK these writers.

That being said-

Impressed by the balance between all the heroes, and the odd teamups that happen.

Visuals were great.

Glad they still got some jokes in there.

I’m sure I’ll have more to add when all of this sinks in.

You realize, of course, that there is still Avengers 4 coming. I’m quite sure most of what was done will be…undone.

Exactly this.

A couple of thoughts:

I don’t think that the writers were implying that it was love - as you mentioned, Gamora didn’t think so. They were saying that Thanos believed he did feel love, rather than ownership. The writers knew, and I think made plain, that it was an abusive relationship.

It struck me that almost all of the Infinity Stones were given up to Thanos out of compassion - to stop the suffering of another. This can’t be coincidence, and I strongly believe that that will be a major point of the next Avengers.

Most impressive, with all those different characters, and all those different threads, they made it all work.

Overall, a very satisfying middle movie, and it’s going to be a hell of a wait to see how what they do with the follow up, in a years’ time.

He was torturing his other daughter, Nebula, and as previous movies have portrayed, he brutally tortured Nebula as a child and replaced most of her body with cybernetic implants when she disappointed him by losing fights with Gamora. Oh, and he wiped out Gamora’s entire race when he “adopted” her. Nobody is going to get a genuine impression that love was a component of any relationship Thanos had with anyone.

Abusive parents don’t need to look to some random Marvel movie (or any movie) for justification.

Even if Avengers 4 has the massive reset button at the end, that still means that for Marvel’s biggest, baddest movie to date they’ve just taken out the black guy since they can’t figure out what to do with him, while his white male cohorts can spend 2+ hours being angsty about their loved ones being fridged.

Except that the soul stone required the sacrifice of a loved one. Which means some cosmic entity saw that and went “well, okay, I guess that counts somehow” and gave him the soul stone. And, you know, he shed a single tear.

Black Panther 2 has been announced.
So has Spider Man 2(ish) - you did notice Parker got dusted as well?

I’m pretty sure they’ve got a plan, and it’s not a matter of not knowing what to do with Black Panther.

Black Panther 2 has been announced, and there’s no way it isn’t going ahead. Ditto Spider Man 2. My guess is, anyone who got…dusted? by Thanos is coming back.

Re Thanos’s ‘love’ for Gamora: not love by our standards, no. But my headcanon is it’s as close as he can get to it, and that’s the standard the Soul Stone judged by. He gave the person he valued most in the universe, and got what he wanted in return.

I think that will come back to haunt him. As galen said, most of the other stones came to him because someone gave them up to save someone else - Loki handed over the Tesseract, Strange handed over the Eye, and Vision voluntarily gave up his life to see the Mind Stone destroyed. Even Eitri crafted the Gauntlet because he thought it would give everyone else on Nidavellir a chance at survival. Granted, we don’t know the exact circumstances of him getting the stone on Xandar or the Aether from the Collector, though - but there could have been something similar there. But even without knowing those for sure, it was a frequent enough beat that I’m betting it’ll come back into play.

One thing I am curious about - what happened to Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson’s character)?
We know she was on the Asgardian ship as of Thor’s coronation, at the end of Ragnarok. We don’t see her in the scene with Loki and Thor at mid-credits, when Thanos’ ship appears. I don’t recall seeing her amongst the bodies in Infinity War, however - and on my second viewing of the movie today, I looked for her. The only body I recognized (besides, Thor, Loki, and Heimdall) was that of one of the gladiators, the one with the helmet that looked like a nut. So what happened to her? And Korg, for that matter?
One happy thought - perhaps she took Grandmaster’s ship and went off on her own, between the coronation and the encounter with Thanos’ ship. We see it on the back of the big ship, just before the coronation…I don’t see it on the back of the big ship, at the mid credits scene, though perhaps it is just the wrong angle.

Well, that had a lot going on.

For those who stuck around to the end credit scene, the last shot is of a symbol that will solve all the problems. Between now and the next Avengers movie will be two other Marvel films. Ant-Man and the Wasp may or may not address some of what happened with the Quantum Realm, but Captain Marvel, which is a prequel set largely in the 90s and may involve time-travel, is where a seed is sure to be introduced that will help solve the cliffhanger.

Black Panther has been their most successful movie to date, I think they figured out what to do with him pretty well. They are also very obviously not going to get rid of him.

Dude, you have way too much invested in the “They killed the black dude!” to be healthy. Fiege has already said, in public, that Black Panther 2 was a go whenever the director wants it.

Avengers 4 will be a massive reset…just not to exactly what was before. They will use it to cap arcs by everybody whose contracts are finished.

I had no idea that Peter Dinklage was in this movie. He never appeared in any of the previews I saw, nor any of the press junkets and talk shows, nor in any press releases that I read. Casting him as the galaxy’s largest dwarf was pure genius.

Thanos only kills half of any populace, including the Asgardians. (Thor said as much in the movie.) Presumably Valkyrie fled with the other half of the Asgardians.

Actually, *all *of the characters who’ve had sequels announced died. Black Panther, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, the Guardians - all dead. Even Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson, who everyone assumes are the maiin candidates for taking the mantle of Captain America after Chris Evans leave, both died. And who survived? Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner - all characters played by actors whose contracts end after the next Avengers film.

I find that very reassuring. It means that the story isn’t over yet.

Oh, and I’d bet money that Marvel will release a trailer for Avengers 4 about six weeks from now that will strongly hint that most or all of the characters who disintegrated at the end will be coming back to life.

It’s also a nifty bit of cliff-hanger storytelling - everyone was kinda braced for Tony Stark or Cap to bite it, and they went so far as to give Tony a pretty serious edge-of-death moment, but no. It’s everyone else!

It’s a better, more elegant fake-out than Whedon’s build-up to Hawkeye-no-wait-Quicksilver in Age of Ultron. All those little tropey moments that would have pointed to Hawkeye dying - but everyone expects that from Whedon, so nobody thought in the moment that Hawkeye would die, it was just a question of how he’d be saved.

Just got done watching it. Thought it was about as well done as a movie with so many characters and so much to accomplish could be, which puts it IMO as an almost but not quite top tier Marvel movie (better than Avengers 2, not as good as Avengers).

Quite obviously most of the dead heroes will come back; most certainly Black Panther, Spiderman, Dr. Strange, and the Guardians. The interesting thing will be how.

Speaking of Hawkeye why even bother keeping everyone in suspense?

The big question before this movie was “Where is the Soul Stone?” And, the answer is… Red Skull has it! I never saw that coming, even though I knew the Tesseract must have teleported him away in Captain America instead of just killing him.

As I was watching that scene I thought “Hmm, that sounds like Hugo Weaving. Wait, isn’t Hugo Weaving already in the MCU?” Then they revealed him. “Oh wow! Yeah he is!!”

That wasn’t Hugo Weaving.