London 2012 - Discussion Thread

Apparently NBC is locking my provider out of Olympic coverage. Can’t watch any NBC Sports/MSNBC coverage or stream it from NBC Sport’s website. My provider isn’t listed in their list.

I have ATT UVerse. They weren’t on the main list, but after hitting other, I was able to select them. Xan, perhaps your provider is on the other or more list?

I don’t have a major cable company like ATT. I use a local provider.

Did you double-check to make sure your provider isn’t there? We have a local provider (they serve Sacramento, CA and Kansas City, MO), and they’re on the list. They’re on the list twice, actually; once for each city.

No, it does not list my provider. When the try to watch on NBC Sports or MSNBC something else entirely is playing.

Anyone care to address that Twitter joke Colophon mentioned? Oh, all right…

Y’know, one of the big advantages of the pre-Internet era was that only GOOD comedians got to perform before a worldwide audience. The best some no-talent hack could hope for was Amateur Nite at the local dive bar. And frankly, even that seems like it would be a bit too rich for this nimrod’s blood. West Nile mosquitoes? Seriously?

Anyway, she got exactly what she deserved. If anything, this is even more unforgivable then cases like Tiger Woods, Adam “Pacman” Jones, and Michael Vick. I’ve said it before, stay as clean and sober as humanly possible during the only time in your life you get to be a professional athlete, and once you retire you can indulge in all the goddam stupid irresponsible crap you want. This triple jumper only had to restrain herself until after the Olympics. Should’ve been a piece of cake!

(And for what it’s worth, I didn’t find it racist. Just really, really, super-mega-awesomely lame. Like, 2-legged horse lame.)

Wow, and all men but one break 10 seconds in the 100 M Final, with Bolt winning again. 9.64 seconds. Amazing.

I’m really unimpressed with Mckayla Maroney’s behavior after that vault final. I can understand being upset but she barely acknowledged the Romanian who won and completely blew off the Russian who took bronze and one of the Germans who came to congratulate her. Didn’t even look at her.


I’m also really unimpressed with NBC’s coverage. I understand that all the personal histories and pictures of royals in the stands don’t leave much time for anything else, but I wish they could make room for just one more little thing, the scores.

I don’t mean to rub salt but it is stupid, in the digital age, to not cover every sport, and cover the sport live - it’s not as if you need cameras, NBC could just use the BBC feeds.

If you get a VPN and pretend you’re in the UK you can watch anything/everything online 24/7. Plus, no advertising breaks. Ever:

The eight-legged critter that has taken up residence in front of the lens of the camera atop the Olympic stadium might just be the most famous spider in history. It gets a starring role in the background of every results round-up.

I’m surprised it doesn’t have its own Facebook page yet, like the Anfield cat.

While some of the announcers for some sports have been pretty bad (some of the boxing announcers in particular were taking homer-ism to whole new, truly awful places), I’ve been really impressed with the coverage. It’s possible to see practically every single minute of practically every single event thanks to all the dedicated Olympic channels, all live. Some of the events were presented without commentary (men’s hammer etc), but believe me - sometimes that’s preferable.

Great to see the host country doing so well; Saturday night was amazing.

It’s starting to get picked up on Twitter

All TV is actually provided by a company called Olympic Broadcasting Services which is owned by the IOC. The BBC takes these feeds for most of their output.


Anybody ever seen a goalkeeper called for time-wasting while they’re in the process of kicking the ball before?

Sure, otherwise the hosting country will concentrate on their runner in Xth place.

The BBC makes the feeds available, and the iPlayer and website make it easy. You also get the non-sporting/rest of BBC/UK content.

I can’t believe I missed the 400 meter final (something I used to run a little, way back) because two canadian networks covered womans soccer and the other covered diving.

Awesome job.

Sounds like a big time “Wow!” at the US-Canada women’s match. Hopefully I can catch a replay tonight.

The 120 kg Greco-Roman wrestling was a good watch today - dominated by a Cuban guy Mijain Lopez who is some specimen of a man.
Not a sport I know much about - found the par terre section fascinating. Trying to lift up a 120+ kg bloke from a prone position, when he doesn’t want to be lifted up, looked like it took incredible strength and technique. Best display of brute strength I’ve seen at the games actually.

Anybody watch the men’s 3m springboard prelims? There were some great dives, but I saw a German do a flop flat on his back, several people almost fall off the end of the board and start windmilling, a British diver slip while jumping and have to abandon the dive and go in feet-first, and one of the Chinese divers completely fouling up a dive and doing a virtual belly flop which scored 2.5s. Good entertainment!