London 2012 - Discussion Thread

So we’re off at the Olympic Games held in London 2012 - with a football match held in Cardiff (obviously).

Great Britain’s Women have won 1-0 against New Zealand. Good goal - 20+ yard free kick - and a good performance for them against a defensively very organised New Zealand unit.

I dare say this thread might fill up with observations on any and all Olympic sports with comments from around the world. I hope so anyway. I love the Olympics and this is going to be required watching for me for the next 2 and a half weeks - so hopefully people will want to chip in.

ETA: There’s not a lot else going on just now obviously (Japan are 2-0 up against Canada, USA are 2-2 against France, coming back from 2-0 down). To kick off, what are you particularly looking forward to on the sporting front? Why?

I’ll be very interested in the men’s cycling road race, which will be run this Saturday. Most of the riders fresh from the Tour de France, the “fastest man in the world” Mark Cavendish is a Brit so he’s a heavy heavy home favorite to win from a bunch sprint. Which means the rest of the field should spend a lot of effort to create a breakaway to keep Cavendish out of the mix at the end. But Cav’s British teammates in Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome just spent the past month frustrating the hell out of their rivals with their absolute control of the peloton.

US women come back to win 4-2 vs France. Much as I love watching women’s soccer, it’s always jarring to come back from having watched Euros… the pace and precision of the women’s game still lags so far behind the men :frowning:

The Colombia vs North Korea game is delayed, currently. It seems that the North Koreans objected to the stadium displaying the wrong national flag. Yep, you guessed it: the South Korean flag. :slight_smile:

Oops, guess that makes for the first official humiliating shambles of the Games.

While they S. Korean flag was on the scoreboard(fixed), it appears that all the competing countries flags were flying over the stadium, so if N. Korea was complaining about the South flag there, they were quite a bit off.

Here’s a picture of what they were objecting to:

Oops. Not only that but the screen says London when it’s actually Glasgow :smack:

In other news, a Greek triple jumper has been dropped from the team after posting a rather off-colour joke on Twitter. I can’t believe how many people in the public eye are dumb enough to keep posting offensive jokes on Twitter. Duh - people are just waiting to take offence at anything you say, so you’d better be squeaky clean!

The tweet:

Translation: “With so many Africans in Greece, the West Nile mosquitoes will be eating home-made food.”

That’s because the entire games branding is “London 2012” – ie, the London Olympics, not the Glasgow Olympics. It makes no difference where some of the games are played. Not a mistake (unlike the flag…)

For some reason NBCSports in my area isn’t showing the Olympics. It’s showing fishing.

That was an Official Whoosh of the Olympic Games® :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand that sometimes you need to go a little far afield to find enough venues for something as big as the summer Olympics. But Glasgow? For women’s soccer? They seriously couldn’t be playing at, oh off the top of my head, Fulham? Or Chelsea? Or Tottenham, or West Ham or Arsenal or QPR? Or Charlton or Crystal Palace or Millwall? All of which are actually in London!

In fact, there may be no city in the entire world with more soccer stadiums than London. So, seriously, Glasgow?!?

I suppose it’s not just Londoners that are paying for the games, so the regions get thrown a few crumbs.

Yes, I think it was a deliberate decision, to avoid the thing being entirely London-centric (apart from a couple of events that have nowhere suitable in London). I guess they wanted at least one venue in Scotland and Wales, and they originally had intended to use a stadium in Northern Ireland. With the benefit of hindsight, maybe they shouldn’t have chosen such big venues as the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, though.

But it’s not the World Cup, it’s the Olympics. The London Olympics. Speaking of which, I can’t wait until we find out that the Qatar World Cup is going to have games played in Yemen, Iran and Djibouti.

The 1984 Los Angeles Olympics held soccer in Boston, Annapolis, Palo Alto, and Los Angeles.

It is common to spread out the soccer preliminary games.

1984 Olympic Soccer

I have tickets for the Women’s football tomorrow (Saturday). I’m taking my 4 y/old daughter as she thinks “only boys are allowed to play football”, and I hope this will show her otherwise!

Cheapest tickets are £20 for adults and children pay their age (so £4 for my daughter). We’ll be supporting Japan in the first game and Canada in the second!

I’m hoping the attendance will be higher than the first games… it’s only a £32k capacity stadium but apparently it was only half-full (although it was a mid-week game rather than weekend).

I’d rather they made the tickets £5 and filled the stadiums to generate atmosphere - you could pay £40 per ticket for the best seats, which for a family of four with two teenage children would mean over £100 to watch the early rounds.

We have seats in the corner but I’m hoping we’ll be able to shuffle round to some empty rows near the middle of the pitch once it gets going.

We have the Canadian women’s team and the Belarussian men’s team staying at a hotel in our town - we’ve seen quite a lot of the coaching and support staff round town, but not many of the players yet. Still quite exciting though!

Well, I would argue that that was ridiculous too. But at least back then L.A. could point to the fact that the only soccer stadiums they had were the 100,000 seat Coliseum and Rose Bowl. London has dozens of soccer-specific stadiums - and while many of them are too small for the men’s finals, at least ten of them are big enough for a first round women’s game between, say, North Korea and Colombia.

Anyway, I’m not hating on the Olympics here - just pointing out how strange it is for them to have gone so far afield to play these games.

Beijing’s games were not all in Beijing. Some were in Tianjin and equestrian, I think, was way south in Hong Kong.

As others already said, though. The decision to have games away from the main city doesn’t have anything to do with the availability of venues in that city. Its to give the folks in the provinces some chance to see live events without having to schlep to the host city.