London Accommodation

I’d like to arrange some London accommodation on short notice.

What is advisable and possible?

My preference would be to use the internet and have something accessible to Heathrow, when I arrive.

Your advice would be highly appreciated.

It’s not anywhere near peak season right now, so it should be relatively easy to get a hotel booking through the net.

The Landmark was very nice when I stayed there a while ago, and is really, really close to Paddinton station, from where you can take the Heathrow Express.

Expedia has loads to choose from, starting at $60/night for later this week. As Stark Raven Mad says, Paddington is the place to be near for the Heathrow Express, or you could look at places in the west end (Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, etc.) which put you on the Piccadilly Line which also runs to Heathrow, and is substantially cheaper.

The Oak House Hotel is a block from Victoria Station, very nice place, and inexpensive as London accomodations go.

To get there by the Underground from Heathrow Airport, take the Piccadilly Line towards Cockfosters. Transfer at the South Kensington Station:

  1. take the District Line towards Tower Hill, or
  2. District Line towards Upminster, or
  3. Circle Line towards Victoria.

No matter which of those three options you choose, Victoria Station is only two stops from South Kensington.

In a hurry? Take the Heathrow Express to Paddington National Rail Station (~16 minutes), then walk from the Paddington NR station to the adjacent Paddington Underground stop, and take the Circle Line towards High Street Kensington, get off at Victoria Station (~14 minutes).

If you want to stay within walking distance of Paddington Station, with its Heathrow Express train (~16 minutes), may I recommend:

Rhodes Hotel
Queensway Hotel

Thankyou Mssrs. Stark Raven Mad, GorillaMan & Walloon, that’s brilliant! Much appreciated, I’ll print out those links.


16 minutes is **very ** approximate in my experience. :slight_smile: The last four times I’ve used the Heathrow Express from Paddington the trip has not been less than half an hour and twice it was closer to 50 minutes.