London Fest Possible in late July?

Ok. A while back I started a short thread with vague ideas of going to Europe. The plane tickets are bought, and I’m going to be in either England or Ireland (or both) for a week. I’m leaving Italy on the 25th of July, probably by train or somesuch, and headed to England. I’m leaving on the 4th of August to return home.

I literally have no plans, and would love suggestions. History, arcitecture, good food, good beer, beautiful scenery, it’s all good. As I said, I may or may not try to get to Ireland too; that’ll depend on money and time (how easy is it to travel from England to Ireland and back?).

All that aside, I’d love to meet some dopers from across the pond. Any way we could arrange a get together during that week? That weekend is Friday the 28th and Sat the 30th. How 'bout it?

Oh, and just so I can share, my trip this summer is looking like this:

Arrive in Heathrow with mom and sister on July 18th. From there we go to Oslo to visit with mom’s friend from school for three days (not including the travel). Then we go to Milan for a day or two, and then to Cosenza for a family reunion, to be met by my grandparents (who are also flying over from the states) and our huge extended family in Italy. At that point my mom and sister are probably going to do their own thing, and I’m making my way up to England.

I’m really excited for this trip; I’ve never been anywhere in Europe aside from Italy, and never wandered about completely on my own while there. It should be good fun.

And if anyone wants to volunteer to be a tour guide, or wants to put me up for a night or two, feel free to e-mail me. I’m a great guest and can provide conversation and cooking for lodging. :slight_smile:

Very easy. I’ve heard that London-Dublin is the busiest international flight route in the world. Ryanair are the bargain-basement end of the market, and there’s endless flights from elsewhere in the UK, too.

There’s a few recent threads floating around with various suggestions of what to do & see.

Should be easily do-able. You have no idea just how easy it is to get a bunch of BritDopers together for a Dopefest. I’ll alert the gang over at NADS, and something will be planned. I take it you’re not averse to a pub or two?

I’ll probably be in New York by then, so we’ll have to come up with some kind of video link-up :smiley:

Your best bet is remind us about a month in advance. But as Angua says, theres a dedicated crew for this kind of thing.