London Olympic countdown clock stops counting down almost immediately

Hey, the 500-day clock worked for almost 17 hours. What more do you want?

Say what you like about us Brits, but we’re the world leaders in fucking up big public projects. :slight_smile:

(And even after all this time, I still can’t see the 2012 logo as anything other than a headless man being fellated by Lisa Simpson.)

Good sign.
(Ironic statement)

Clearly, the Games will have to be delayed to compensate for the the clock malfunction. Hopefully, they’ll get it fixed soon, or we might be looking at the Winter Olympics in London…

I would post, but I’m too busy laughing. Would that the useless piece of crap had fallen on the head of Sebastian Coe.

Was it made by Lucas lighting?

My guess is some delicate electronics got shorted out by some tea residue. Or crumpet crumbs.

That or the Tardis swung a bit too close and fucked up the timer a hundred ways to Sunday.

It’s in Trafalgar Square. More likely to be vomit, piss or pigeon shit.

In the run up to the 2000 Olympics there was a countdown clock here that seemed to spend most of its time broken, or displaying the wrong number of days.

I was going to make some crack about how “oh noes, that means 2012 really IS the end of the world!!” but it looks like the fact that this has happened before rather puts a dent in that. :smiley:

…Though I guess the same could be said of end-of-the-world predictions.

Wouldn’t it be easier to put up a large LCD and use an internet countdown clock? They’re EVERYWHERE…


Or maybe they could shorten the length of the second in order to catch up, like a thread on daylight savings time suggests.

Not a bad idea. It would eliminate the need for PED testing at the Games, too, since no one would be able to shatter any records with time units having been re-defined.