London takeaways in Marylebone, Fitzrovia and Paddington - recommendations needed

We’ll be renting an apartment in London’s Marylebone neighborhood for a week in late September.

I’m hoping for first-hand recommendations for the favorite takeaways in Marylebone, Fitzrovia and Paddington, since I know at least a couple of nights we’ll be too tired to cook or eat in a restaurant.

We eat everything, and are also happy sometimes with vegetarian food, so there are truly no restrictions on what you recommend.

Recommendations for sit-down restaurants are also OK, too, but I am most interested right now in takeaways.

There seems to me some differences of opinion out there on fish & chips in the neigbrohood - whether or not Golden Hind is overrated and should be skipped.

Bumping in case some of the Londopers drank a bunch and needed takeout tonight.

Otherwise I’ll have to do firsthand research and report back in October.

There’s a couple of Cenral Asian places around there (both appear to do delivery)

Thanks! I was looking at Samarqand and didn’t realize they did takeaway.
It looks yummy.