Lone Vermont peacock runs off with a flock of turkeys

Just when you thought you’d heard it all:

Lone Vermont peacock runs off with a flock of turkeys

I so thought this would be a story of a peacock somehow kidnapping a flock of turkeys and then running off with them for probably nefarious purposes.

Funny, just read an article that brought up the same thing.

The whooping crane mentioned in this article is possibly the same bird my sister and I saw, in Kansas, in early October of this year. It was a lone whooping crane with a big flock of sandhill cranes.

Interesting. I get a 1020 error from Cloudfare when I try to access the link in the OP. I’m guessing they’re getting DDOSed by some scrote.

Not to be confused with when some turkey ran off with A Flock of Seagulls.

There’s a country road near here that I often take when freeway traffic is backed up. A flock of turkeys is frequently to be seen next to that road, and among them is a lone peacock - or peahen, I should say. She must be a runaway from someone’s farm, just like the ones in this linked story.

The flock must feel comforting to them. Do wild peacocks form big flocks?

The neighbor of one of my friends keeps peacocks, and their flock of peacocks has attracted a flock of wild turkeys, which now also hang out on their property. It’s pretty funny to drive by and see all the birds acting as a single flock, with the gorgeous peafowl and the butt-ugly turkeys all happily hanging out together.

I guess they are about the same size, and the benefits of flocking are the same benefits whether the other flock-members are your species, or just another bird of similar size and habits.

And turkeys have ornamental display tails, too. To a female turkey, a peacock must look like the avian equivalent of Chris Hemsworth.

As long as he didn’t try to take the gulls across the state line. :smiley:

Huh. I always thought it was funny that Spanish had the same word for turkey as for peacock. I guess there’s a reason for that after all.

Won’t somebody please think of the immortal porpoises?

Next thing you know, Grackles will be co-habitating with Phoebes.

Are peafowl good to eat?

Taste like chicken.

They used to be eaten. I think they have been replaced by turkey for culinary purposes.

Don’t foist your humanized standards of beauty on those turkeys. In the avian world, the turkeys might be the David Beckhams.

According to a couple of British TV shows I’ve seen in which they’ve eaten peacock (Time Team and Supersizers), the meat is very dry.