Long Distance Mailing Mistake

Today I received a letter from Anchorage, Alaska. Which might not have been so odd if it had not been addressed to someone in Faribanks, Alaska, while I’m living in northern California. Only one thing about the address on the letter is the same with my address: The street number. Everything else, the person’s name, the street name, the street type (Street vs. Avenue), city, state, and zip code are different. It’s even got a suite number on it, for goodness sake, and I live in a house!

As much as I admire and appreciate the post office, this is one long distance mixup.

Did you check the zip code? Alaska and California both use zip codes starting with 9… the zip code might have been written slightly incorrectly, causing it to be sent to CA instead of AL. Zip code is the main determinant in where a letter gets sent from the post office.

I got a Christmas card last year from overseas. Only, it wasn’t addressed to me, but to someone in Atlanta. But it was forwarded from my Atlanta address to my address here in Tennessee - the first three letters of the last name were the same as mine, as were the first three numbers of the street address. I just figure someone wasn’t paying attention.
I took it to my post office here and told them, and they were going to put it back in the system. I hope it got where it was meant to.

When I was travelling in Scotland, during my Junior Year Abroad in 1992-93, I sent a package home to Pennsylvania, in April of 1993. It didn’t arrive. Weeks went by, and my parents never saw it. I finished my school year, came home, and pretty much forgot about it.

Then it arrived one day in August, over four months after I’d sent it. Handwritten on the package was an apology–“Sent to Western Australia by mistake.” The Royal Mail missed Pennsylvania by only 11,200 miles.

I only glanced at the first two numbers, 99, at first, but after you mentioned it, I did see that the two zip codes are only one digit off (99xxx vs. 95xxx). Still, the street is Lanthrop vs. our Illinois, and I’m pretty sure there’s no general surgeon working in my house :wink:

Duke, that has to be a record of some sort!