Long Distance (not quite a rant)

I recently moved and signed up for a new phone number. I was told there would be a “moving fee”, and asked to verify that I wanted to keep the same selection of local service at the new number. I wasn’t asked about long distance and assumed (I know) that the same carrier would be assigned. When my bill arrived, my new number had a different carrier assigned, and at a high-rate plan.

GQ: Do local telephone companies have a “default” long distance service they will assign to new numbers, or would this have been arbitrary? Do long distance companies have agreements with local companies that they will make these assignments?

IMHO: I’m trying to keep from ranting, but I feel I’ve been slammed. The local company says they can send the charges back to AT&T, but I am not disputing that the calls happened. Is this the local company’s responsibility for having signed me up?