Long hair?

Do you associate long hair on guys with rebellion?

Interesting. Yeah, I guess I do. But in a very minor way, and I don’t consider it a drawback…far from it!

On a middle-aged, overweight, tattooed biker dude, sure, I guess it’s rebellion, to the extent that he cares about or puts any thought into his appearance at all. However, while he may be “rebelling” against more conservative standards of appearance, he’s really just conforming to his own social circle.

On a younger guy who would otherwise be attractive, it’s an affectation – entirely too precious and “look how cool I am!” That’s when it’s most unfortunate. I find long hair unmasculine and unattractive. Give me a guy with a buzzcut any day!

No, it’s just hairstyle.

It could be, if it’s on a kid, since the resurgence of buzz cuts in the 90’s. The funny thing, and a good example of the difference in the generations is that parents today generally support their kids in trying different hairstyles and clothes in an effort to find out who they are, where their parents might have forced them to conform.

But a ponytail on a 50 year old guy in a button-down shirt and dockers, no. Same for his harley in the parking garage. That’s not rebellion, that’s conforming to a prefabricated identity, same as cowboys, goths, emo kids or tattooed hipsters on thrift store 10 speeds. The harley guy seems to me to be the ultimate in selling out, take out a loan for the equivalent of a second mortgage and work overtime to look like a ‘rebel’. At least the emo kids and thrift store hipsters take the risk of doing something that someone might laugh at them for.

What exactly makes you think that a Harley owner is trying to be a rebel? Maybe he just really like their motorcycle.

It could be real rebellion or it could be something gone horribly wrong. The mullet is a long hair style and that reeks of pure trash rather than rebellion. Many men that have long hair aren’t completely masculine looking to begin with. In those cases, long hair can have a strong femininizing effect on them and that is very bad.

I graduated High School in 1966. Two of the boys were refused graduation robes until they got haircuts. (Their hair was perhaps half an inch too long for Coach Roach–the Dean Of Boys.)

That was many years ago.

Long hair is a style.

I think it’s rebellious and sexy. And I’m patiently waiting for it to make a major comeback. Oh how I miss those metalhead boys of my youth. :slight_smile:

I don’t really associate it with anything.

It’s just hair.

On a young guy, yes. It makes me think he’s trying to make a statement.

On a middle-aged guy, it just looks as if he doesn’t like going to the barber. So he doesn’t.

My almost 9 yo has long hair. He started growing it out about two years ago. It’s down past his shoulders now, but not quite to his shoulder blades. Before that he had a faux-hawk. He’s not trying to be rebellious, he’s trying to find his style.

It’s just hair. Some men look better with longer hair, though. My ex-fiance had long, straight, gorgeous hair down to the middle of his back and kept it neat, clean, and pulled back all the time–I never liked long hair on guys till I met him.

depends on their clothing. If they’re clean, it’s just a hairstyle. If they’re dirty, they’re either musicians or drug addicts.

I think they’re a hippy and need to get a damn haircut.
But that’s just me.

:smiley: You crack me up. My husband just got called a “damn hippy” at the bar yesterday. Which is kind of funny - he’d have to give a damn about something - anything - to even BE a hippy. He just doesn’t want to cut his hair. It was all about being “bad” back when he was in his twenties - now it’s about being old and grumpy - he just turned 49.

With my son, he has a Naval and then Law Enforcement career looming - he told me he’s going to be told how long his hair can be for the rest of his life, so he figures he’ll do what he wants with it until then. Hell - I figure “hair length of teenage son” isn’t a hill I want to die on - I pick my battles smarter than that.

I have the shortest hair of anyone in the house except for the dog and it’s in the middle of my back!

Indy - you are so right!!! :smiley:

Women who like long hair on men tend to be better lays.

I feel sorry for any dude that didn’t figure that out by the time he was 19.

I don’t associate long hair with rebellion, so much as with lower income.

Hair is hair. I don’t associate long hair with anything in particular. I do think that if a man has long hair he needs to take care of it, at least to the extent of keeping it clean and groomed. Long greasy hair is horrible on anybody. Some men look really hot with it long, which I enjoy.

Depends on the length, I guess. How long is Long? Mine covers my eyes and ears if it’s not kept out of my face and the back reaches the bottom of my neck. Would that be considered long or just medium-length? In either case, I’m growing it for the same reason I’m growing a beard – experimentation.