Long Island Medium

Apparently I have some family members who think she’s the real deal. They say she totally different from John Edward. :rolleyes: Sounds like she does more hot reading than cold, but does anyone know the dope?

Well I don’t doubt her claims but looking at her page very very quickly I see it states she talks to the dead. I have that ability, but I really have very little reason to talk to the dead and really don’t see much point. The dead have not figured out the eternal life thing yet, so we are better off them them.

I am also able to talk to those who have achieved eternal life, though they may have appeared to ‘die’ in our world - those are the ones to talk to IMHO. If she perhaps means the second on then OK, if the first, they would be better off opening a fortune cookie then consulting her (again IMHO).


Anyone can talk to the dead. And why a *medium? * Can’t we at least have a large?

I read some excerpts from when she was on Dr. Oz. she just seems like any other cold reader. Dumb.

Oh, kanicbird. If you had a show, I would watch the hell out of it.

It’s on its way

So who actually killed JFK?

But they never actually answer, right? You talk “to”, not “with”.

I can talk to my dog. In 2 languages! He doesn’t listen though. :frowning:

I haven’t studied the Long Island Medium, but I’ve seen bits of her work. At her best (and this is true of every medium, channeler, fortune-teller, etc.) she offers common sense advice packaged with some supernatural trappings for showmanship (or showwomanship as the case may be). Some people will accept advice at face value. These people are the ones that take their medicine straight regardless of the taste because they know it’s good for them. Some need the cherry flavoring (or woo flavoring as the case may be) before they will listen.

There is a video on YouTube that debunks her. I’d supply the url but I wouldn’t wanna taint your fate! Go looking if you dare.

I talk to my dead parents all the time. I can also talk to squirrels, deer, birds, and cats. None of them talk back.

I wish they would, 'cause mom told one lawyer about 6 million bucks, but we’ve never been able to find it.

I think you you a word.

20/20 did a piece on her a while back. I got so annoyed, I had to turn the channel.

In the teaser, they were spinning her like she was the real deal. “…And when we return, watch how she does a impromptu reading of our camera man with stunning details!”

Come on 20/20, you’re better than this shit! :rolleyes:

Yes that should have been:

…so we are better off then them.

Because she’s neither rare nor well-done?

There are no “real deals.” We do not live in a version of the universe with Psionics. Tell your family members to petition the dungeon master that they need to re-roll their WIS stat.


No they’re not. Where the hell would anybody get THAT kind of an idea.?

If you want to try to using logic with your family, you might try asking them a simple question:
why do all these fortune-tellers, mediums, etc always appear on the TV on the entertainment
shows, not on the nightly news? Why don’t they do something useful with their “powers”?
If they can tell you the name of your grandmother, why can’t they tell the police the name of a wanted criminal? Or go to Afghanistan and tell the army where the IED bombs are hidden?

It won’t due any good, because you can’t convince people not to be stupid.But, hey, this is the SDope, so you can give it a try.

Actually, there are a lot of people in the psychic business who are police informants, but this is not something either the psychics or the police want publicized. It could damage the flow of good information. It’s not a matter of supernatual abilities however, rather a matter of readers and spiritual advisors hearing the kind of neighborhood gossip that lead to solving crimes. I don’t know what the situation is in Afghanistan in the wake of the Taliban’s Islamic fundamentalist purges, but if there are people in some of the villages who function in some sort of tribal shaman/visionary position, it would probably be a good idea for the army (if it hasn’t been done already) to befriend them. Such people are collection points for information in the local area.