Long Life.

I have little theories about aging. Such as the spinning of an atom in your cells and each time they replicate, they come back weaker each time. And how if you eat well and stay away from the elements and get plenty of oxygen/exercise (primary catayst in cell rebuilding), you can rebuild these cells to almost as good as they were before, extending the amount of times one could rebuild a given cell.

There are other theories for why women live longer… because they have slower metabolisms thus they simply last longer and rebuild these cells less times in a given time period. (i think the common stress reason is bs) This leads me to believe if you sleep 11 hours every night rather than 6 hours, you would live longer, with everthing else held constant. (less heartbeats, slower average metabolism, less stress)

Another one of my theories is that a human is meant to live 120 years give or take (according to longest living people, the bible?!). Genetic inferiority and the elements (sun, dirty air, extreme temperatures) and lack of proper exercise (aerobic and anaerobic) and nutrition bring this number all the way down to the average.

However, these are all theories of mine and I am no doctor. What is the real way to live longer? (Live in the mountains and eat well and exercise all day every day?) And are my little theories correct for the most part?

Better put: If your single goal was to live longer, what does it all boil down to and how would one go about accomplishing it?

I knew a 92 year old man back in the 60’s and asked him this question. His answer was "Never stop mowing your yard."

Be born with the right genes.
Stop eating so much.
Maintain a positive attitude.

For some abstracts and some serious reading you can check out this site. I think you may have to sign up for some stuff while other stuff is free.

And an article in bbc news states:
"On average, people who have a lower body temperature live longer, as do those with lower levels of insulin, and those with higher levels of DHEAS. "