Long-lost foods you have loved

OK Sengkelat- you’re reading my mind now. I’ve not had Lilt, but I’ve been on about a 15 year search for those original Carnation Instant Breakfast bars. I loved them SO DAMNED MUCH and they’re GONE. They were the best bar ever made.

Also, Buc Wheats- OMG GOD- my favorite cereal of all time. OK, except Boo-Berry. I do so love those. But Buc-Wheats- :: drool ::

Thanks. I shouldn;t be eating them either. :wink: After posting here, I realized I should Google them and found a few references (mostly on Internet grocery store sites that are not delivering in my area), although the packaging has changed radically since I ate them regularly. Alas, a trip to my local supermarket was in vain. As Og is my witness, I will track them down and I will consume them again!!!

Oh yes. They were still selling it in Europe 7 years ago when I was last there. My summer drink of choice was gin and bitter lemon.

I liked Crystal Pepsi. I know nobody else did, but hey.

Did we grow up together? I was going to mention Space Food Sticks. They weren’t really all that good, rather strange actually, but they were “Space Food”!

And I always ate those Danish Go-Rounds that way.
Thank the gods Nutter-Butters are still around or I would have to hurt someone. clutches her box of Nutter-Butters to her chest

The 7-11 down the road from me sells this. So you might not be totally out of luck. I’ve kept intending to try it and now, knowing what it is I definitely have to pick a bottle up. Sounds like it would be wonderful with gin, as per 633squadron’s drink of choice.

Hyperelastic, I liked the Crystal Pepsi as well. I remember that was the year the Farmer’s Almanac said that clear foods would be the next big thing and that artificial coloring was on the way out. I guess with their uncanny weather predicting ability they have to get something wrong to keep things balanced out.

Big Stuff Oreos. When I was a little girl we used to buy these and I’d take them in my school lunch or on a car trip. They were like the size of my hand, individually wrapped in little plastic baggies, the cookie part was a little softer than the regular small Oreos are, and there was lots and lots of creme filling. Y’know that song that goes “Mister Big Stuff, who do you think you are?” That was on the Big Stuff Oreos commercials and I still can’t hear it without wishing I had a cookie.

Calippo–frozen tropical fruit-flavored popsicles that came in a long tube, and you squeezed them out.

Fat Frog ice cream bars. Mmm, green food coloring!

Assorted junk-food cereals, especially Ice Cream Cones and Super Mario Bros./Legend of Zelda (you got both kinds, each taking up half the box!)

Tato Skins chips by Keebler–thick, crunchy potato chips with the skin on one side.

A burger joint called Rudy’s, that we had in the '80s here in Miami. They had huge, juicy sirloin burgers, a toppings bar like Fuddrucker’s, and a '50s theme/decor. We had two of them down here, so I assumed it was a chain. Does anyone else even remember Rudy’s?

I know I’m going to think of more…

A while ago, I guess the early 90s, there was a snack called Dunkaroos, which consisted of cookies coming in an individually wrapped container with a pocket of frosting, chocolate or vanilla. Cookies and frosting in the same package? Quite the recipe for deliciousness, all in one convenient package, and an exotic australian theme to boot! These were the highlight of my bagged lunches for a time. A very special time.

P. B. Max candy bars and Josta.

Ahh! I was thinking about these recently, lamenting their loss. I loved the peanut butter ones, they were the perfect food IMHO, I’d have one each day after I got home from school.

Then the dark times came, and some moron decided that perfection wasn’t good enough, and completely changed the flavor. Ambrosia became drek…seriously the new flavor was simply atrocious…wth were they thinking?

Because the new flavor tasted like something that had come out of the alimentary canal instead of something that was supposed to be put into it, they probaby stopped selling well ( I stopped getting them myself). So what does the moron do? ( I admit it could be a different moron, they are all interchangable like Legos) Not change the flavor back…as any halfway intelligent person would do. Nah they just had to go and kill the whole line of food. Probably got a nice severance package after he trashed the company too. :mad:

Oh, PB Maxx candy bars-I forgot about those!
Pepsi Blue was delish. I miss it.
I think you can still get Tato Skins-only now they’re TGI Fridays brand. I used to get them from the snack machine at KrapMart when I was still working there.
They brought back the Peanutbutter Twix, but I also remember that they once had Chocolate Fudge Twix bars. Those were soooo good.

I have a VERY vague memory of some M&M type candies that were chocolate mint-Royals?
But I want my O’Boisies back. Those were the BEST freaking potato chips I’ve ever eaten. If they ever brought them back, I’d probably buy an entire truckload of them.

Underwood, which puts out deviled ham and roast beef spreads in teeny tiny cans, used to make a corned beef spread, too. I LOVED that stuff. For that matter, I used to love the deviled ham and roast beef spreads they used to make. I don’t know if my taste buds have changed, or if they’ve changed their recipe (probably both) but today’s roast beef and deviled ham spreads just don’t taste the same. Neither does Velveeta…I used to LIKE Velveeta when I was a kid. This was before I liked aged cheddar, though, so maybe it’s mostly my taste buds. Nowadays all three foods taste incredibly greasy to me, and the spreads seem to be made up of more filler than when I was a kid.

The cookie company LU used to make a fancy tea cookie called Truffes–a long thin tube of crisp wafer with chocolate truffle inside, and covered with dark chocolate outside. Wonderful things! But I haven’t seen them on the shelves in any stores in well over a year, and I don’t think they make them any more. Well, at least they still make Pims.

When I was a student in England in the mid-80’s, I used to practically live off of Mr. Kipling’s little chocolate, chocolate-chip finger-cakes. When I’ve been back to England in recent years, I occasionally look into the grocery shops to see if I can find some to take home… but alas, while Mr. Kipling still produces bakery products, the little chocolate cakes seem to have disappeared.

Marathon candy bars. I did a search, and learned that in the UK a Marathon candy bar is what we call Snickers. The one I’m thinking of had a ruler on the back and was braided chocolate and caramel. I thought it was 12’’, but I guess it was only 8". (joke there somewhere) Came out in '73 and defunct in '81.

Corn Diggers I have not seen this since maybe '76. Puffed corn, waffle shaped chips with one end pinched. I did a search on these, but just found a party-mix recipe calling for “1 box corn diggers.” I haven’t met anyone outside of my immediate family who remembers these. Not that it comes up often.

It might still be out there, but I’ll be damned if I can find it:

**Grape Flavored Bubble Yum **

Mr. Kipling does still make (exceedingly good) Chocolate Chip Cake Bars. The shops you tried must have sold out, Miss Mapp. He used to make yummy little pies with a blob of cream on top, I can’t remember what they were called, but I remember the strawberry ones, and apple. They disappeared a while back.

And the UK version of the caramel lattice Marathon is still around, called a Curly Wurly. (this seems to be the only thing I know, it’s the second time I’ve written this in a thread!)

Oh, dear Og!

Fruit Striped Gum I can practically smell it through my monitor.

Oh,mannnnn, that link supplied RealityChuck is putting me into salivating mode. It would make a great gift idea.

I just bought a box of Jell-O pudding pops at my local Giant grocery store. It came with Vanilla, Chocolate, and Chocolate-Vanilla swirl.

Shirley, I’ve seen Fruit Stripe Gum around here.

I can’t believe I forgot to mention the P.B. Max in my earlier post. There is a similar thread on another message board I frequent about long lost candy bars and I mentioned the P.B. Max, I loved those. I bought an entire box at a Sam’s Club once and kind of made myself sick of them for a while, when I was ready to eat them again they had disappeared. I was sad.

By the way, the O.P. on the other M.B. was looking for a chocolate candy bar with air whipped in which gave it a light texure. I remember them, too, but we couldn’t remember the name. Aero was suggested but the O.P. thinks it was something else, anyone else remember these?