Long lost gay Startrek episode (not the original cast) available online

Written by David Gerrold who brought us Trouble with Tribbles, but “shot down by the studios” (the linked article does not specify when the shooting down took place). I’m definitely watching it, though, even if it is a hoax publicity stunt.

It was shot down (and the article does mention it) as an episode of TNG back in 1987. It’s fairly famous in Trek circles. Gerrold has even adapted the basic story to one of his “Star Wolf” novels (under the same title, iirc). And it is not a hoax at all. Not sure what you meant, but it has definitely been filmed and will premiere soon. No hoax there.

Sir Rhosis

That fact that one of lovers is a redshirt certainly bodes well for the couple. Even the redshirts know they’re screwed if they go on an away mission.

Well it’s not a hoax or publicity stunt, but it’s also not a real episode of Trek per se. There’s a group of fans (and some people in the field) making a new season of TOS trek.

I thought this was a reference to the audio montage that radio DJs have been playing for years.

Somebody took a bunch of clips from different “Star Trek” episodes (mostly the one where William Shatner was split into a good and bad side) and spliced them together, making it seem as if Kirk and Spock were having gay sex.


Kirk: “He’s like an animal… but I NEED him back inside me…”

What if they hadn’t made it back to Vulcan in time? (video, with NSFW music)