Long or short i in long-lived? Poll

In the thread about pronunciations that grate, no consensus was being reached about the word “long-lived” so I decided to post a poll about it. Online dictionaries list both pronunciations, and the two I checked had them in different orders.

I have never heard it with the long i. That sounds really, really weird to me.

Who pronounces it with a long “i”? Where are they from?

I rarely hear ‘long-lived’, but I hear ‘short-lived’ all the time and with both pronunciations.

He had a long life. He was long-lived. I don’t see a problem with the long “i”.

He lived for many years. He was long-lived. More awkward to me, but still no problem.

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Yeah, me neither. I’d be really interested in hearing where people would pronounce it like that.

Same here. I have never heard it pronounced with anything but a short I.

Here’s where I first read of the long i pronunciation:

I’ve never heard it pronounced with a long i. That would sound really odd to me.

Unless you would also pronounce the standalone word “lived” with a long “i,” the short vowel sound is correct for “long-lived.”

“Live” (as in “the will to live”) and “live” (as in “live music”) are different words with different meanings. When someone pronounces “long-lived” with a long “i,” they might be thinking “long-lifed” – but the term is “long-lived.”

I have heard the long-i version occasionally, but it sound weird and wrong.