Long range Quantum Entanglement receives more validation!

Article here… it’s fascinating and apparently not a measurement artifact. How in the world can this be explained?

It can be explained by accepting that nonlocal connections between entangled particles are real, and that the assumption of strict causality is only an approximate that is valis in the aggregate. It’s not a terribly surprising or revolutionary idea, although it doesn’t invalidate other interpretations invoking transactional, pilot wave, or relative state formulations.


So if separation distance is irrelevant can this phenomenon be utilized (practically) in some way for FTL communications?

That article seems to be from about a year ago, and describes a proposed experiment, not a done experiment. Has there been any follow-up? Was the experiment ever done? Was any result published anywhere?

As I understand stand it and put simply, no.

And can it explain homeopathic medicine?