long shoelaces

Why do all the sneaker manufacturers all supply laces that are 18" too long. I must triple knot the laces or I will be tripping on them when I walk.

Related to this must be the reason why the charts for lace selection (counting number of eyes) tends to be too conservative leaving little extra lace by which one may tie them!

I have noticed this as well. No answer, just agreement with the frustration.

I thought it was just me! I double knot them and tuck the excess inside next to my arch. But you’re right. Why do it in the first place?

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I have to agree on this. I bought some shoes a while back (I hate buying ‘sneakers’ (I was informed that they aren’t tennis shoes anymore, but I digress) because they are so expensive now.)
Anyways, back to the topic. I bought some cross trainers a while back, but when I tie them, I have to tuck about 3’ of shoelace into my shoe between the tongue and the laces. It really ticks me off when the lace comes out. Guess that’s the last time I buy from the outlet mall…

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Sneaker Suspenders.
You’re supposed to tie each end to your belt, not tie them into a knot.

It’s so the aglets drag behind and other people can see the nike swooooosh printed on each one.