Long Skis Vs. Short Skis

Why is it that long skis are faster while short skis are slower and more manuverable…i’d think it would be the opposite, because long skis have more contact with the ground: thus more friction.

Any idea

c’mon someone must know the answer to this question: and please cite sources if you can

I’m thinking along these lines:

say, 150 lb person on a 2x8 that’s 8 feet long, and another 150 lb person on a 2x8 that’s 3 feet long, both on snow.

the 3’ board will sink deeper into the snow than the 8’ board, because of lbs/sq.in.

I’m sure there’s someone here who can elaborate on that, since my physics went downhill after I graduated. :stuck_out_tongue:

(hope this didn’t sound too stupid…)


Maybe some of the posters suspect you are asking them to do your homework for you.

You might try:

Physics Of Skiing-- Skiing At The Triple Point

David & Scott Lind & Sanders

Can be ordered from Amazon, among others.

Long skis are faster as stated above because there is less weight per unit area in contact w/ the snow. Short skis are more manuverable because they are easier for a person to turn.