Long weekend planning help requested

For those who don’t know, the “Center of the Universe” is Queens, NY.

My daughter, Og bless her, wants to go pike fishing (she read about it in the book BFG). As I love sweetwater fishing, I’m all for it. We tried to bag some pike, unsuccessfully, up at Lake George a few years back.

I’d like to plan a long weekend including a one-day pike / bass fishing trip. I’m looking for locations to do this - the closer to NYC the better. The lake must have a guide. I don’t own a boat, I don’t know how to read fish-finders, and I would be horrible at reading the lake if I rented and looking at a topo map.

So, do any N-E dopers share my freshwater fishing passion (which most of my fishing mates find odd, us living on an island surrounded by excellent salt water fishing, which I also enjoy)? Can you direct me to any nearby lakes that meet my needs? Any help will be greatly appreciated!