Longest amount of uninterrupted time you've spend reading the SDMB?

I’m coming off a 12 hour stint of reading and posting to this board (mostly reading in GD). Well, I guess I did go to Wendy’s once during that time, but it only took 15 minutes, and a fellow just needs a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger every now and then, you know? Otherwise I might have to cook something, and, without a decent set of binoculars, I’d be unable to read the boards while cooking.

I know a lot of you can beat my measly 12 hours. C’mon who’s the biggest Dopehead out there?

You mean I’m supposed to be doing something other than reading and posting to SDMB? Hm?

I guess I’ve been at it a while. What is it, September 1st? Election day is coming up. Tell me, how’s that race between Gore and Bush going?

Damn, makes my 3 hours look piddling. neutron star you rock.

12 hours reading and posting.

Yeah, sounds about right:

one post - 30 minutes to re-load the board
read a couple
one post - 2 hours to re-load the board
read one - board crashes
one post - 2 or 3 hours to re-load the board

So, in your 12 hour stint you managed probably, what, 5 or six posts and were able to actually read maybe 10 threads?


(NEVER would I demean the SDMB - one of my new homes on the 'net…)

Oh, I’ve got it down to a fine science, TVGuy.

On the rare occasions that the board is responding perfectly, I go crazy and open a dozen threads or so, then just read for hours.

It’s getting pretty bad. The twelve consecutive hours doesn’t count the three hours I spent earlier yesterday reading the boards. Even my beloved Penn State Nittany Lions couldn’t tear me away from here. Their game garnered only the rather dubious honor of being the background noise to my posting activities.

Perhaps a GD thread is in order : “SDMB vs. Heroin - Which is the most Addictive Dope.” :slight_smile:

A few hours, at most.

I know I’ve hit 12 hours before, but I’d rather not talk about it. It was a weekend dope binge, I think.

And I think I reached 15 at one point, but I don’t keep count.

I did a six hour read through of the race threads once, all the way back to Collunsbury’s very first post at the SDMB. My ignorance put up a hard fight, but succumbed in the end.

Probably about eight hours. That was back in the glory days when I could read the SDMB at work (and had very little actual work to do).

I found myself with a great deal of free time over the labour day weekend due to an injury that kept me cooped up in the house and popping painkillers like tic-tacs. In a 4 day span, I figure that I averaged around 6 to 8 hours per day. Of course, since I was stoned out of my mind on percs, I have little recollection of what I actually read.