Longest domestic flight

Whether current or past.

Is there a NY to Hawaii flight? Any St Petersburg/Moscow to Vladivostok flights?

Moscow to Vladivostok is 8 hours 27 that will be hard to beat.

Even if you count Guam as part of the US there is no direct flights from the mainland, seems they all go via Honolulu and thats only 7 hours 45 minutes.

If you count the overseas departments of France as “Domestic” then you have Paris to Cayenne in French Guiana at 9 hours 7 minutes.

Edit: whoops: New York to Hawaii does have direct flights and is 11 hours!

Its only a recent addition to the web, back in August…


Worldwide: Paris to Reunion (Reunion is a bit further out east than Madagascar.)
is one flight. 5800 miles.
2nd worldwide is the JFK - Hawaii trip., 4900 miles.

( There is no Guam - Peurto Rico flight, no Guam - Florida, or Hawaii to Peurto Rico … doubt they would do it just to get onto the list of longest domestic flights… )

Third goes to Netherlands to their territory of Bonair ( part of the Antilles until 2010. ) in the north of Africa.

France then claims a lot of positions flying France to North African French territories.

The milk run from Ketchikan to Anchorage is around 5.5 hours. You are on the ground in small towns most of the time but you’re not allowed to leave the plane.

How about Anchorage or Fairbanks to Miami?

Flights from Bangor, ME (BGR) to San Diego, CA (SAN) on Delta 9 hours 45 minutes (2 stops).

Flights from Fairbanks, AK (FAI) to Miami, FL (MIA) 19 hours 44 minutes on United. (3 stops)

Fairbanks – MiamiSunday, October 27
10:00 pm – 11:15 pmEra 709 · Fairbanks to Anchorage FAI-ANC
1h 15mPropeller plane
De Havilland Dash-8
1h 20m layoverAnchorage ANC
12:35 am+1 – 4:57 am+1United 1101 · Anchorage to Seattle ANC-SEA
3h 22mOvernight flight
Boeing 737
1h 03m layoverSeattle SEA
Overnight layover
6:00 am+1 – 12:09 pm+1United 1101 · Seattle to Houston SEA-IAH
4h 09m
Boeing 737
2h 06m layoverHouston IAH
2:15 pm+1 – 5:44 pm+1United 1257 · Houston to Miami IAH-MIA
2h 29m

Previous thread. (I had a sense of deja vu when I saw this thread.)

Alaska Airlines has flights from Anchorage to Miami, and they look nonstop.

Miles: 3997.32
Kilometers: 6432.89

I don’t think we can count flight time that includes multiple landings and takeoffs since what matters is distance, not time. In fact, anything other than nonstop flights shouldn’t count.

If we’re looking only at CONUS and excluding non-contiguous territory like Alaska and Hawaii and island territories, then Seattle to Miami would be the longest in the United States. If we allow Alaska then Anchorage to Miami is the longest.

Moscow to Vladivostok:

Miles: 3983.35
Kilometers: 6410.41

So that’s actually shorter than Anchorage to Miami. Seattle to Miami is 2,732 mi /4,395 km.

St. Petersburg to Vladivostok:
Miles: 4061.64
Kilometers: 6536.40

That edges out Anchorage-Miami.

The Miami International Airport site doesn’t list Anchorage as a nonstop destination or Alaska Airlines as serving MIA.

Alaska Airlines does go to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, but not from Alaska.

Honolulu would be even farther from Miami, but there are no nonstop flights between them either.

There’s a direct for that? boggle

No, that’s with two stops.

The AK Airlines site listed a flight from Anchorage to Miami, and didn’t list any stops between–I wonder if the ticket site doesn’t list them. I know for sure there are nonstop between SeaTac and Miami since I’ve ridden them.